World Teacher’s Day and Education Content

By Stephanie WarnerOctober 4, 2021Events

Every October, the Issuu team will join in on the celebration of World Teacher’s Day, an international day of recognition for all the incredibly hard-working and inspiring teachers all around the globe.

World Teacher’s Day is held every year on October 5th to recognize and commemorate the adoption of the 1966 IL/UNESCO Recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers, which was the first time benchmarks were set regarding the rights and responsibilities of teachers, and standards for their initial preparation and further education, recruitment, employment, and teaching and learning condition. World Teacher’s Day has been celebrated every year since 1994. This year, over 18-months into the global COVID-19 pandemic, the theme for World Teacher’s Day is “Teachers at the heart of the education recovery.” As all of us have seen and many experienced, the education system, along with teacher’s and student’s lives were completely upended by the pandemic. From the initial move to remote learning and transition to hybrid learning models — educators have made the pivot for each learning model. Even as we return to more traditional in-person learning this year, there are still immense challenges for teachers and students to navigate including learning loss, student and teacher mental health and well-being, and more.

A digital content tool for educators

Long before the pandemic, Issuu had already established itself as a powerful tool for the education community. Issuu has many features that fit nicely into the needs of teachers, administrators, and support staff. From digital publishing and easy content distribution to hosting popular content from the education industry — every educator should bookmark Issuu!

Create digital educational content

As we touched upon earlier, the past 18 months changed the world of education, from a place centered around the classroom and in-person connections. Suddenly virtual learning became the norm, regardless of age or location. The need for digital content was at its peak, even after we’d been steadily moving in that direction for the past few years. Issuu was the perfect platform for teachers to create educational resources for the hybrid classroom and share digital content such as lessons, worksheets, textbooks, presentations, and classroom schedules. Content uploaded to Issuu is transforms into an engaging flipbook almost instantly, making the most of an educator’s time. Sharing the link to the digital content is also a snap and the content can be viewed on any size device from mobile to desktop. Issuu doesn’t require more logins or downloads, just basic internet access and can be used on any device.

Sell educational content

Beyond just creating and sharing the content, the digital world has also created a new opportunity for educators. Leveraging the power of the internet to reach a large audience for just the cost of their monthly internet service, educators can now sell educational content that they themselves have created to other teachers and schools to use and benefit from. There are a few educational marketplaces to sell content available, or another option is to set up your content for sale using Issuu’s digital sales feature and pay zero commission. It’s never been a better or easier time to leverage the hard work and expertise to create educational materials that also brings in a little extra income. 

Examples of educational content 

Not only is Issuu a tool for educators to use in their day-to-day activities, but Issuu offers a ton of exciting, interesting, and beneficial content to educators about their profession. As one of the most popular digital platforms, offers hundreds of resources, magazines, newsletters, and more with education-focused content. 

UCLA Education & Information Studies Magazine

UCLA Education & Information Studies department is a place to cultivate intellect, intuition, and inclusion, and where bleeding-edge thinking leads to real-world change. And where research changes the face and fate of knowledge for all. The bi-annual magazine of UCLA Ed&Is highlights the public scholarship of the faculty, plus articles on how digital media shapes our society, a spotlight on teachers one year into the pandemic, the effects of absenteeism on academics, and social-emotional outcomes, and more. 

TEACH Magazine

TEACH Magazine, was founded in 1993 to deliver resources to K-12 educators everywhere. TEACH stands as an open forum for discussion about supporting teachers and teaching while encouraging innovation in education. TEACH is for the professional educator because being a teacher doesn’t mean that you stop learning. This issue deals with the post-pandemic return to the classroom, EduApps to inspire creativity and recommends virtual field trip ideas.

STEM | ED Magazine

The Australia-based STEM Education magazine is put together by teachers for teachers worldwide. Offering over 90 pages of evidence-based articles and practical stories around the implementation of STEM Education in K-12 educational settings.

Celebrate teachers every day

Teachers are everyday heroes, and this was made even more clear to the public during the initial weeks of the pandemic as parents tried to homeschool their children and teachers swiftly created virtual learning lesson plans and totally reinvented ways to connect with their students. This World Teacher’s Day, Issuu is sending a huge THANK YOU for everything educators around the world do to educate future generations while also working hard to support their students’ mental health and well-being. Explore even more educational content and resources, plus incorporate the power of Issuu into your teaching materials and education tech stack by joining Issuu today.