Creating Visual Stories from your Issuu Publication

By IssuuOctober 9, 2019Product Updates

Creating social Story assets has never been easier

Our users can get busy–– we get you. Whether you’re an editor, marketer, content creator, designer or wearer of many hats, we understand that things can always be made easier. That’s why we’re allowing you to create Visual Stories directly from your Issuu publications. Skip the step of creating an Article Story and go right to the Visual Story assets with the Issuu Story Cloud.

graphical user interface, application, website

graphical user interface, application

What are Issuu Visual Stories?

Visual Stories are animated assets you can use to share on Instagram, Facebook, Snap and more. Create your content once and share it everywhere with the Issuu Story Cloud. Issuu helps you convert your brand-approved content into easily shareable assets. Whether it’s a magazine, lookbook, brochure or other PDF marketing asset, Issuu Visual Stories can convert your content into a highly engaging mobile format.

Looking for more ways to create?

Try the Issuu InDesign extension to create Visual Stories right from InDesign. Share teasers of your upcoming published materials with the Issuu InDesign plugin. You can also use the InDesign extension to pre-create your social sharing assets. That way, when you’re ready to launch, you’ve got assets ready to go.

Try the Issuu Story Cloud

Get started with the Issuu Story Cloud to make the most of your marketing content. With Issuu, you can upload PDF flipbooks, create scrollable Article Stories from ready-made content, and create design-forward animated assets for social with Issuu Visual Stories. Get started with Issuu today.