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Top 10 Digital Magazine Subscriptions

Digital publishing revolutionized the publishing industry. Not only is it easier than ever and less expensive for anyone to publish a digital magazine — but, to the benefit of readers everywhere — it’s now even easier to read your favorite magazines and about your favorite subjects online. Content creators and magazine publishers are taking their content to new heights with interactive content including embedding video, delivering content in an immersive fullscreen reader, and one-click shopping links. In addition to creating even better content, publishers are no longer tied to the expense of printing their magazines and no longer do publishers need to be in the same location as their readers. Through the power of digital publishing, anyone can create and build their own magazines on the topics they are most passionate about or experts in. 

Digital content and digital magazines subscriptions are more popular than ever! Ready to grab your smartphone, tablet, or laptop and explore today’s top ten digital magazine subscriptions?

Digital Magazine Subscriptions to Check Out

Sunset Magazine

Sunset is known for being the premier resource for achieving the ultimate Western lifestyle in the U.S. Sunset Magazine experts focus on travel destinations in the 13 Western states such as California, Oregon, and Arizona, plus home design and outdoor living ideas suited to the region, and recipes and menus that celebrate the West. Only on Issuu, buy Sunset’s special edition publications focused on wellness, gardening, camping, and more.

Loud And Quiet

Loud And Quiet was started by Stuart Stubbs in a spare bedroom in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, UK in January 2005, originally on a home printer. Now available for worldwide enjoyment on Issuu, this music fanzine is based in London, powered by its members. Loud And Quiet is also focused on areas such as addressing the gender imbalance within the music industry, providing a place of representation for people of color and the LGBTQIA+ community, striving to pay contributors fairly, creating a respectful environment for their team and the artists featured as well. And ultimately Loud And Quiet’s mission is to find new music and share it widely.


Good Good Good is the media company that helps you feel more hopeful and do more good, while also helping the world find good news, celebrate good news, and become good news! The Goodnewspaper is designed to leave you feeling more hopeful and better equipped to do more good too. Subscribe to the Good newspaper on Issuu and be welcomed to the scrappy community of hopeful do-gooders, dead set on filling the world with more good.

London Runway

London Runway is an indie fashion magazine based in London, UK, with digital subscriptions available on Issuu. Each London Runway issue features catwalk shows, interviews, editorials, investigative articles, & trend reports. Focused on sustainability, representation, and equality, London Runway stands out from other fashion magazines.

Inside Weddings

Inside Weddings magazine and takes readers inside real weddings and inspires them to create the one-of-a-kind wedding of their dreams. Featuring gorgeous real weddings, resources, and expert advice, Inside Weddings is the ultimate wedding resource for sophisticated ceremony and reception décor, bridal style, engagement rings, jewelry, and so much more. Subscribe to Inside Weddings exclusively on Issuu.

So Young

So Young is another UK-based music magazine that celebrates everyone committed to experiencing live music, buying records, and looking at the sleeve artwork as you listen. So Young magazine aims to bridge the gap between some of the newest talents within illustration and the thriving underground guitar music scene. Inspired by fanzines from the punk era, but with a positive outlook and filter. So Young is fully illustrated by emerging and contemporary illustrators, with limited print runs, you can buy your digital copy on Issuu to be collected and treasured.

Advanture Magazine

Check out Advanture Magazine, meant to discover, create and curate the best vanlife content and to celebrate those who love to explore on four wheels. Only on Issuu can you download Advanture Magazine on your mobile device, to read it on the road. Advanture Magazine is the first digital publication to inspire the modern vanlifer. Let the advanture begin!


Nurture magazine, Australia's natural parenting magazine is your destination for thought-provoking, evidence-based articles on the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual elements of child-rearing from a natural parenting perspective. Published bi-monthly and distributed on - is it time for your 'time-out?' 

Nude. Magazine

NUDE. Magazine is a monthly publication, founded by Raylene Pereyra, that focuses on highlighting creatives in a “real, raw, and true” manner. NUDE. covers everything from travel and food, to poetry and celebrities with a particular focus on creatives. Get your Nude. Magazine subscription only on Issuu. Check out the publisher spotlight on Nude. Magazine too.

COFFEA Magazine

Coffea Magazine is a lifestyle magazine for growing entrepreneurs and encourages the interaction of creative minds. Committed to engage readers on their entrepreneurial journey and give helpful tips that will lead down the road of success. Coffea loves to hear about the hunger beforehand and understand the passion that motivated entrepreneurs to begin in the first place. Featuring in-depth interviews of entrepreneurs who have found success and more. Start reading and subscribe on Issuu.

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