The Summer’s Hottest Online Catalogs | 2022 Update

By Stephanie WarnerJuly 2, 2021Last updated on July 14, 2022Content Marketing, Business

Catalogs with glossy covers on a desk. Photo by NMG Network on Unsplash.
The Summer’s Hottest Online Catalogs

Everyone loves the summer season! For fashion, retailers, designers, and makers, the summer season provides the perfect backdrop to showcase their products, fashion, and wares. Summer catalogs and lookbooks are known for bright colors, fun themes, and often beautiful outdoor settings, whether at the beach, in the mountains, or poolside. 

Creating a beautiful and effective online catalog is a large project and undertaking. From ensuring you have all of the products or fashion samples available to coordinating the photoshoot, including potential travel and location styling, the process can become extensive. After you have accomplished these steps, you will then move into the layout process and various rounds of review until you have the final catalog. At this point, you don’t want to stop with just a print-only or PDF formatted catalog - today, we live in a digital-first world, and the best catalogs are also available as interactive online content that makes it easy for readers to scroll, flip, and shop with just a few clicks.

Issuu transforms your online catalog 

You’ve already dedicated yourself to this huge catalog project, and the final catalog looks awesome! Now, it’s time to make sure your seasonal catalog becomes a digital marketing powerhouse by uploading your catalog to Issuu. Issuu will transform your content into a sleek flipbook that includes the tactile feel of elegant page flips while also enabling interactive web links and one-click shopping links within the publication. Issuu’s most popular features will also ensure your catalog is displayed front and center to your audience using the immersive fullscreen reader feature. Uplevel your website or blog by directly embedding your catalog within your own web environment. Issuu doesn’t just specialize in flipbooks either; once you upload your catalog or lookbook, Issuu makes it easy to create derivative assets from the original content, including social media stories, graphics for email campaigns, mobile-optimized articles, and more.

Summer catalogs to inspire

Issuu powers many of your favorite retail and eCommerce digital catalogs. We’ve rounded up the most sizzling online catalogs on Issuu to draw inspiration and generate excitement, plus browsing and shopping are highly encouraged too!

Pampered Chef

Pampered Chef's spring and summer catalog is filled to the brim with awesome cooking and baking products, recipes, and customer photos. The catalog creates inspiration for upcoming weekend brunches, spring gatherings, and summer BBQs. The Pampered Chef catalog offers interactive links for easy one-click shopping for all of their products. Plus, Issuu ensures the catalog is easy to navigate with jump links from the Table of Contents to the specific sections and pages. Producing a beautiful digital catalog is important to The Pampered Chef and all of its consultants around the world, but offering the features that transform the catalog into a powerful sales tool is why The Pampered Chef uses Issuu for their catalog publishing.


Keen Japan produces a stunning summer catalog that also showcases some of the most popular features available on Issuu. The catalog opens to a full-page spread with an embedded Youtube video engaging the reader immediately. The Keen Japan catalog continues to offer a perfect mix of striking photography with product details that make the catalog really useful for the reader to find their perfect outdoor shoe. Additional Youtube videos are embedded throughout the catalog for maximum interactivity. Keen Japan’s summer catalog is an engaging multimedia experience.

Tea Collection

The Tea Collection summer catalog offers all the beautiful beachscapes and bright summer clothing that makes the summer catalog one of the most beloved out of all the seasonal catalogs. The Tea Collection is modern children’s clothing brand with global inspiration, and they needed a modern, digital, and globally accessible catalog for their customers. The Tea Collection publishes its catalogs on Issuu to ensure they are optimized for every screen size and can be embedded right on Issuu’s embed feature is one of our most popular features that improves our customer’s websites without needing advanced IT or engineering support. Simply upload your content, create your publication embed, copy the embed code and enter it into your website manager such as WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Shopify, and many others.

catalog embedded in Tea Collection website

The Portico Collection

So many catalogs and lookbooks, so little time! The Portico Collection offers and represents an abundant line of gifts, apparel, and more consisting of what they call “girlfriend gifts”! Whether hosting a girl’s night out, planning a birthday party, or looking for the perfect gift for the teacher, friend, or hero — The Portico Collection has it! The Portico Collection is an Issuu power user, publishing dozens of catalogs to represent the wide array of gift brands and product lines.


Luxury candy boutique Sugarfina offers unique gifts in totally customizable packaging, perfect for your favorite moments. The Sugarfina catalog is a perfect example of "eye candy". Sugarfina uses Issuu to make sure its corporate catalog is easily shared with potential clients and can be downloaded for clients planning large events, working with teams, and managing corporate gifting programs. No need to email large PDF files or deal with error messages, publications on Issuu are turned into simple web links that are easy to share via email, text, or social media.

David Benrimon Fine Art Gallery

The Manhattan, New York, based David Benrimon Fine Art Gallery produces a bright and eye-catching summer catalog to encourage visitors to their gallery or even buyers from abroad. The striking and colorful catalog jumps off the laptop, desktop, or mobile screen. By publishing the catalog on Issuu, David Benrimon Fine Art Gallery ensures its content stands out without any distracting banner ads.

Browse, shop, or create

Issuu is not only the perfect place to browse and shop from this summer’s best online catalogs, it's also the most powerful publishing platform to create and distribute beautiful online catalogs that are interactive, engaging, and enable easy shopping. Retailers, boutiques, makers, designers, and more will commit time, money, and resources to their catalog creation. Make sure you transform the finished catalog file into a powerful digital flipbook on Issuu. 

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