The Digital Content Revolution: Creating and Embedding Dynamic Flipbooks

By Kendal RodgersJune 22, 2022Content Marketing, Product Updates, Tips

Revolutionize your content marketing by creating and embedding dynamic flipbooks, and deliver a unique reading experience to your audience.

Digital content is revolutionizing the way we publish, share, and digest information. As we collectively consume more content in our daily lives, marketers are continually looking for better ways to engage us as readers. So, for that reason, we’re publishing a series of articles on Wednesdays with each post highlighting one of Issuu’s unique features that make digital publishing and content marketing a snap. Keep scrolling because our Issuu Feature Series: Creating Immersive Content Experiences also includes videos demonstrating how each feature creates unique and engaging digital experiences.

Whether you’re in manufacturing, retail, healthcare, or any other industry, using a dynamic flipbook publication with videos, audio files, and links will add more clicks and higher conversion rates than print ever could. And with digital quickly becoming the preferred method of information delivery, the need for captivating content is critical. If you want more views, loyal readership, and business, you must deliver a highly immersive experience — the kind we help you create and embed on your own website.

Our digital tools make it easy to produce the kind of reader experiences that will appeal to an increasingly sophisticated audience. Once you create your publication, you can easily upload the PDF to Issuu, where it will automatically be transformed into an immersive, page-turning flipbook. You can then add more interactivity with photos, links, and videos, and embed it directly to your blog, email, or website. The best part of this tactic is that it’s completely paperless, making it cheaper than printing with instant delivery to your reader. Let’s walk through how to create and embed your digital publication. 

Creating Stand-Out Digital Content Begins With Design

Canva and InDesign are two popular platforms for creating incredible designs and supporting assets. While professional and experienced designers prefer InDesign, Canva is a free platform that simplifies the design process so that anyone can design like a pro, regardless of skill level. The best part? We integrate with both, so the create-to-publish process is totally seamless. 


If you don’t have a Canva account, it’s easy to create one. Just go to Canva and complete the registration process. Once you’re registered, you can browse the many templates available. They’re designed for a variety of purposes, such as catalogs, magazines, flyers, reports, and much more. Creating a multi-page document is simple and intuitive. You can add as many pages as you need at any size. Once your catalog, brochure, or magazine is completed, you can share the PDF in Canva directly to Issuu, where you can convert it to a dynamic flipbook.


If you prefer to use InDesign, Issuu has a handy free extension. You can easily download it from the Adobe Marketplace and utilize the platform’s templated styles that make it easier to share stories optimized for your favorite social channels in just a few clicks. Maximize your content sharing and marketing capabilities with InDesign. Once the extension is loaded, start using it by selecting File > Issuu > Create Story. You can format your InDesign documents and share them across the major social media platforms.

Uploading Your Publication to Issuu

Once you’ve created your publication, the next step is to bring your content to life online. Upload it to Issuu so you can create your flipbook experience. We accept a variety of document formats, including PDF (most popular), PPTX, RTF, PPT, DOCX, and SXI. Just log into your account and upload the file to the Issuu platform. Watch this Youtube video to learn more about uploading your files. 

If you’re a Premium user, you can choose to eliminate all banner ads from your publication. This could be critical for marketers who need to emphasize their brand or eliminate distractions from their content. 

Transform static documents into page-turning flipbooks with Issuu. Deliver an experience your audience and customers will love.
Embedding Your Masterpiece

Here’s the best part! Once your document has been uploaded and converted to a flipbook, you have many options at your fingertips to make it a highly effective marketing tool. Issuu allows you to directly embed your publication onto a website, blog, or social media platform, so your content lives where your audience does – no technical skills needed. Readers can browse your content without ever leaving your site. In addition, you can specify the size, appearance, and sharing capabilities.

Need examples? We've got plenty. Here are a few favorites... Luxury & Prestige does a great job of embedding their publication of exclusive properties, customized with their prominent navy blue background, so it blends seamlessly into their website. The Perthshire Magazine borrows from their entire color palette so that current issues are clearly recognizable from past ones, with readers being enticed to explore even more of their publications on Issuu.

To start, navigate to the publication you want to embed. Then select “Embed on Website.” You can customize the size, background color, add your logo, and more. This can be extremely important for visual-forward marketers and brands. Once you’ve made your selections, it’s time to grab the code and go. Simply select “Get Embed Code,” and you’re ready to embed your interactive publication that readers are sure to love. Learn more about embedding your files in our tutorial video:

Content at the Center of the Digital Content Revolution

Issuu is the content hub that delivers magazine-style publications, without the paper, by enabling anyone – from individuals to global entities – to convert their static documents into engaging, immersive experiences. We provide the tools to distribute that experience across all digital platforms, too. Our motto is “create once, share everywhere.”

Issuu opens the doors to new business by allowing marketers and creators to expand their audience. We offer a free service for those just starting out and premium or paid services for those who need access to more tools.

We’re here to help you succeed, which is why we’ve collaborated with platforms like Canva, Adobe, and Mailchimp to make your content creating-to-publishing-to-sharing loop seamless. We want to make publishing and sharing interactive digital content easy and intuitive, so you can focus on what to create next. Be sure to check back for more blogs explaining all the powerful features available to you on Issuu.

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