Streamline Your Content Marketing Workflow

By Talius ChickeringJanuary 4, 2022Content Marketing

Streamline Your Content Marketing Workflow

Planning, designing, writing, formatting, editing, publishing, and distributing. There are many parts that go into the content creation process, and for modern businesses, this often means collaborating with multiple people who each specialize in a different component of content creation.

For example, in a very large business, the content creation process would look something like this: An analytics team uses data to identify key topics that are important to the company’s audience, which can be used to generate broad themes for upcoming campaigns and content. The broad themes identified are then prioritized and outlined to create project briefs. During the project brief step, the marketing team identifies all the specific content assets needed, key messaging points, content specifications, and background information for the creative teams who will be developing the content. The project brief usually starts with the copywriting team who would then create the written content that centers around these topics before handing the content off to a design team. Once the visual assets have been created by the designers, a series of edits on both the copy, visuals, and overall layout, are necessary before distribution. Distribution then includes a new set of steps, which is often handled by a new team of people each working to distribute the content to a specific channel (web, email, social media, ads, etc.). In a larger organization, there can be 10-15 people who have input into a single piece of content from initial planning to distribution!

Of course, the process is not always this involved. In much smaller companies you may only have two or three people working on a piece of content, but nevertheless, collaboration is key to creating the best content possible in the shortest amount of time. Utilizing the unique skillsets of multiple employees or even outsourced contractors, allows brands and organizations to take advantage of these unique skill sets. 

Google Drive and Dropbox

This is where platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox play a seriously valuable role. These platforms allow content to be shared, accessed, and edited across devices, time zones, and users, which enables teams to collaborate efficiently and produce collaborative content as seamlessly as possible.

Here at Issuu, we recognize that many Issuu creators produce content in teams of various sizes, and use platforms such as Dropbox and Google Drive to share and edit this content across teams before arriving at the finished product. This is why Issuu has integrations with both Google Drive and Dropbox. We want to ensure our users and their teams who store their content on these platforms can access it with just a few clicks.

Once you log in to your Issuu account, you can access your content on either of these platforms by simply logging into your Drive or Dropbox account and selecting the file you want to upload.

Once you have uploaded your finished piece of content from Google Drive or Dropbox, you can take advantage of all the Issuu advanced publishing features at your disposal to help boost your content. These features include:

  • Internal linking and video: Customize your content with links to your website, blog, or other external web pages, and embed video directly within your content to create a uniquely engaging experience.

  • Full screen reader links: Create a truly distraction-free viewing experience for your audience, with various customization options.

  • Article and Visual Stories: Take your social media game to the next level and create custom stories that allow you to extend the life of your content.

  • GIF’s: Use GIF’s to share on email campaigns and grab your audience's attention with this fun moving image format.

  • Website Embed: Showcase your latest content on your website to increase reads with just a few clicks.

  • Social Sharing: Share to any social media platform in seconds to reach a wider audience.

  • Digital Sales: Sell your Issuu publications and turn your content into a revenue stream.

Issuu’s integrations with Google Drive and Dropbox allow organizations who use these platforms to create their stunning content, to easily upload their content in just a few simple steps.

Log in to Issuu now and connect your Google Drive and Dropbox accounts to enable these integrations. Issuu makes it easy to speed up and streamline your content marketing workflow!