Spotlight on Student Publishing: College Content Creators to Look Out for in 2022

By Hailey LeclercJanuary 12, 2022Publisher Spotlight

Home to prominent leaders of the next generation, student publications are vital to stimulating discussions surrounding important causes and dictating future trends in both publishing and the world in general. From literary journals to magazines dedicated specifically to the art of food, Issuu student publishers leave no stone unturned as they exhibit their passions and fearlessly challenge societal stipulations. We’ve narrowed down ten University publications to look out for in 2022; these publications continue to amaze us with their attention to detail along with their desire to produce unique, meaningful content, and we strongly encourage readers of all ages and backgrounds to check them out!

1. Berkeley Fiction Review - University of California, Berkeley

Founded in 1981, UC Berkeley’s Berkeley Fiction Review has left a mark on both campus and the worldwide literary community. In 2012, the publication was voted the “Best Literary Publication” on campus by the Associated Students of the University of California, cementing itself as a premier publishing platform. The group showcases fiction material that provides a modern twist on form and ideas as well as book reviews, personal essays, and opinion pieces. 

2. Nommo - University of California, Los Angeles 

Deriving its name from the Ki-Swahili term "Nommo," which means the magical power of the word, Nommo engages in authentic reporting that helps to support the growth of black journalists at UCLA. Since its founding in 1968, Nommo has continued to counter demeaning depictions of black life in the media by uplifting and empowering black individuals through writing as well as exposing social injustice both domestically and abroad. 

3. Crème de Cornell - Cornell University

Foodies unite! Crème de Cornell is Cornell’s only student-run food magazine and blog with countless articles tailored to recipes, food photography, and creative pieces surrounding food. As a result of their work, these students have transformed the perception of their home as Ithaca, New York is beginning to be seen for its hidden culinary pleasures as opposed to a mere college town. 

4. The College Hill Independent - Brown University, Rhode Island School of Design

Based in Providence, Rhode Island, The College Hill Independent unites students from Brown and RISD to produce politically saturated content. Students have been publishing weekly since 1990 with the group receiving multiple acclaimed accolades over the last thirty-two years including an Excellence Award from The Society Of Professional Journalists in 2020. According to the group, the publication strives to “disrupt dominant narratives of power” and “generate spaces for radical thought, care, and futures.”

5. Your Magazine - Emerson College

Serving as Emerson’s only award-winning monthly magazine, Your Magazine has played a significant role in shaping dialogues surrounding arts, fashion, romance, and more. The publication aims to give a voice to a diverse range of opinions, identities, and experiences in effort to represent “you” (hence, the name “Your Magazine”). 

6. Haute Magazine - University of Southern California

Founded by Diana Fonte and Jason Cerin, Haute Magazine has broken traditional boundaries in digital media through creativity and innovation. Its most recent edition, “On The Edge” probes the delicate intricacies of human existence including normalizing imperfections and promoting individuality. The magazine is a key staple in USC’s publishing community and is looking forward to publishing more thought-provoking pieces in 2022.

7. The Buzz - Boston University

Serving as BU’s first lifestyle magazine, The Buzz has explored a wide variety of topics over its tenure ranging from campus news to fashion in the Boston area. The group stresses inclusivity and engagement, and thus inspires a wide variety of students with diverse backgrounds and experiences to participate in and be heavily involved in the creation process. 

8. Jerk Magazine - Syracuse University

Syracuse’s Jerk Magazine was introduced with the intention of “jerking” people out of their apathy, and their latest few editions are able to perfectly encapsulate this message. From allowing readers to gain perspectives on controversial issues to serving them with visually captivating artwork, the publication has not hesitated to tackle society’s most pressing issues whilst providing an aesthetically enjoyable experience for everyone.

9. TREND Magazine - University of California, San Diego

TREND Magazine releases two student-developed issues per year and dives into fashion and lifestyle trends both on campus and the country as a whole. Unafraid to branch away from cultural norms, the publication encourages students to be their authentic selves through fashion and art and is home to UCSD’s most passionate and talented creatives. 

10. Penn Appétit - University of Pennsylvania

Last but certainly not least, UPenn’s Penn Appétit, gives students and general readers alike a taste of all things food. The publication’s stunning writing combined with delicious images are sure to leave readers eager for their next snack or meal. Dive into their most recent edition! Are you a student looking to publish your work online? Check out our Digital Guide for Student Journalists and get started with Issuu today!