Spotlight: Issuu Fullscreen Reader and Content Embeds

By Stephanie WarnerJuly 31, 2020Last updated on August 16, 2020Editorial, Product Updates

Spotlight: Issuu Fullscreen Reader and Content Embeds

Creating experiences that put your content front and center is critical to marketers, real estate professionals, non-profits, students and educators who want to make sure their message is well-received.

Issuu offers several features that can improve the visual quality of your digital experiences. Two of them—the Issuu Fullscreen Reader and Issuu Embeds—are on full display for the luxury linen retailer Peacock Alley.

Peacock Alley: Creating Compelling Content with Issuu

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Since 1973, Peacock Alley has been all about tradition. Offering luxury bedding, bath, and fine linens, the family-owned business was thriving long before the Internet. 

As the world has become more and more digital, Peacock Alley needed to evolve its marketing strategy to reach the ever-rising proportion of shoppers who find them online.

When Peacock Alley needed to uplevel their content, Issuu provided solutions that help showcase how luxurious their fine linens are. Today, their e-commerce website is pivotal to their success, and Issuu is helping to bring their products to life—and drive sales.

Issuu Fullscreen Reader and Content Embeds

With Issuu Fullscreen Reader and content embeds, Peacock Alley is able to create visually compelling product catalogs, promotions, seasonal offers and much more. 

We offer these features to enhance the quality of your visual assets as a premium benefit for Issuu subscribers only. Premium and Optimum subscribers can also add logos and choose background colors. Plus, you can deliver these experiences banner-ad free. It’s a great way to remove the visual clutter for your audience and keep your content as the focal point.

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Get step-by-step instructions on how to use the Issuu Fullscreen Reader and embedding. Don’t have Issuu yet? No problem. See our latest offers