How to Promote Your Blog Content on Social Media

By IssuuAugust 12, 2020Last updated on August 16, 2020Content Marketing

Promote Your Blog Content on Social Media

Whether you’re looking to expand your blog’s audience and engagement, or simply want to show off all of your hard work, promoting your blog content on social media is a key way to increase your brand’s awareness and following. The key to successful content marketing is a steady, consistent stream of content across platforms. So, don’t let your blog marketing game fall short. Keep reading to learn how to promote your blog content across various social platforms for content marketing success.

Marketer’s tip: While you want your blog and social content to remain consistent and on-brand — you don’t want it to get boring. Be sure to leverage the power of content buckets to ensure that the topics of your content continue to be engaging and varied while also linking to an overarching brand message.

Share On Facebook

The key to a successful Facebook post is 1. including engaging text within the first 480 characters that will be visible on your timeline and 2. an image. It’s known that posts with images perform best so be sure to include a relevant image from your post. Additionally, use Facebook to encourage engagement and conversation about your blog content. By ending your post with a call to action or question, you’ll entice your audience to click to your blog, comment, or perhaps even share to their own follower-base.

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Tweet to Twitter

Have a killer quote or one-liner within your recent blog post that will grab viewers’ attention? Put it in a Tweet and drive engagement to that post. On Twitter, leverage the power of hashtags to make your content searchable. Think: including hashtags that are trending and relevant to the content your sharing.

Expand to LinkedIn

Now more than ever, brands are using the power of LinkedIn to connect with like-minded professionals to share their company’s work. For all blog content falling under the business news, product announcements, and thought leadership “buckets” be sure to share to LinkedIn. Not only will this effectively connect your blog with the best audience, but you will also be sharing valuable resources to potential clients, employees, and stakeholders.

Pin on Pinterest

Pinterest is the image-first social platform with a cult user-base. Pinterest gives you 500 characters to describe the ‘pin’ shared, so leverage the description as a mini blurb about your blog post and always add a link to the post within. From there, you can add your pin to multiple boards and expand your content’s reach.

Share to Instagram

Instagram isn’t just about a pretty Insta-grid. In reality, it’s a key platform in connecting creators and innovators with helpful resources. So, whether it be in-feed or via insta-stories, be sure to direct your audience to your blog content with a vivid image and a captivating caption. And now with a direct swipe-up link on insta-stories increasing your blog’s views has never been easier.

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