We are Issuu.

As a multinational, multicultural group of bold, intrepid, highly passionate tech-loving geeks, Post-it-writing thought workers, change makers, doers and publishers, we thrive on giving publishers and readers a simple yet technologically superior way to connect through content.

Our leaders.

The Issuu executive team is made up of savvy leaders who have held key roles in the publishing, Internet and software industries for years.

Portrait of Joe Hyrkin
Joe Hyrkin
Portrait of Alessandra Andrenacci
Alessandra Andrenacci
VP, Growth Partnerships
Portrait of Tia Gordon
Tia Gordon
VP of People
Portrait of Alexander Grosse
Alexander Grosse
Portrait of Kevin Raheja
Kevin Raheja
VP, Business Development & Sales
Portrait of April Sandoval
April Sandoval
Head of BI and Analytics
Portrait of Rolf Ussing
Rolf Ussing
Portrait of Audrey Vandenbroeck
Audrey Vandenbroeck
VP of Customer Success
Portrait of Kevin Walker
Kevin Walker

Our board and investors

We consider ourselves very fortunate to have the guidance, foresight and wisdom of a seasoned board of directors.

Joe Hyrkin CEO of Issuu

Bradley Horowitz VP, Google Photos & Streams

Christian Lindegård Jepsen Partner at Sunstone Capital

Ruben Bjerg Hansen Co-founder of Issuu

Issuu is backed by KDDI Ventures and Sunstone Capital.

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