Monetize Blog Content with Digital Publishing

By IssuuJune 30, 2018Last updated on February 1, 2022Business, Tips

Monetize Blog Content 

Blogging and digital publishing are a match made in heaven. But one thing many bloggers tend to ignore is how to make money and actually profit from their amazing blog content. At Issuu, we’ve witnessed firsthand a ton of bloggers taking their engaged digital presence to the next level by monetizing their digital content. Here are a few tips to get started:

Monetize Your Guides + Tip Sheets

Whether you’re a blogger or a follower, it’s likely you’ve seen this method of content distribution:

  • Hear about an amazing guide on Instagram/in Podcast/on Facebook

  • Sign up for a mailing list

  • Receive a PDF guide in your email

Collecting emails is a super valuable tool –– but what about those who don’t want to sign up for mailing lists, or unsubscribe as soon as they receive their freebie? Get eyes on your exclusive content through digital sales. When your consumers purchase one of your guides, it makes them hold onto your brand longer than one scroll of a PDF and, if found valuable, makes it more likely that they’ll want to purchase more in the future.

Sell Original Content

Expand the breadth of your content by creating a publication in addition to the blog content you’re already putting out. Creating a publication –– whether it’s monthly, quarterly or annually –– can introduce your brand to new audiences you may not have otherwise connected to. It also adds a new asset to your portfolio of work. The term “publication” isn’t even limited to magazines. Bloggers can create style guides, gift guides, meal plans or e-books to give their audience something exclusive.

Josephine Desgrand is a perfect example of an influencer succeeding with exclusive original content, with her 2018 meal planner. Don’t forget to check out these other examples of publishers who have elevated their brand with original published content.

Repackage Ready-Made Content

Got just an hour or two to spare? Repackage your ready-made content into something beautiful to expand your audience and gain new reach in the digital sphere. Start with our magazine and catalogue templates and pair them with our guide to Adobe InDesign and you’re well on your way to a beautiful publication, packaged up neatly and ready to share.

Ready to get started and monetize your blog content? You’ve got the brand, you’ve got the content –– now elevate your brand with digital publishing on Issuu.