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How to Make Money with Ebooks in 2019

What are Ebooks

Ebooks are books that are based online. These can be sold in different formats, whether it’s a simple PDF download or through an Ebook reader like Issuu. Many businesses use Ebooks as a successful stream of passive income. They often consist of content that is evergreen–– meaning that the content will be recyclable and relevant for a long time. These Ebooks can be marketed over and over again to new audiences that may be discovering them for the first time. The beauty of selling Ebooks is that your publishing costs are much lower than publishing a print book. With Ebooks, you are also the publisher. You have full ownership over the independent publishing of your Ebook if you choose. So where should you get started to make money with Ebooks in 2019?

How to Create an Ebook

You want to make money with Ebooks, but you’ve got to actually make the Ebook to get started. How do you get started with selling Ebooks?

Write Ebooks on Topics You are an Expert In

Everyone is an expert in something. There are things that you know that many other people are curious about. You just need to figure out what it is you are an expert in. Think about your niches in both your work and your hobbies. There’s something that you know that other people want to learn. Use this expertise to start the first draft of your Ebook.

Write Ebooks on Evergreen Topics

If you want your Ebook to create long term passive income, write evergreen content. “Evergreen” is used to describe content that can be recycled over and over. You don’t want your Ebook to be irrelevant in a few months if you want to create a consistent stream of passive income. Make sure your Ebook is something you can market long term.

Free Digital Ebook Templates

Use Issuu’s free digital PDF templates to start making your Ebook. These free templates for Adobe InDesign can also work as templates for Microsoft Word. You can pop your content into them and shuffle around as you please. It’s that simple!

How to Use Issuu to Make Money with Ebooks Online

Let’s discuss the ways you can use Issuu to make money online with Ebooks. With the Issuu Story Cloud, a suite of integrated digital publishing products, there are several ways Issuu’s tools can help you sell Ebooks online in a beautiful and seamless way.

Learn more about the Issuu Story Cloud > 

Digital Sales

Issuu’s Digital Sales feature is a clean and sophisticated way to make money with Ebooks online. You can choose your price and have a secure Ebook sales solution for your brand. You can also sell subscriptions, in addition to individual Ebooks, if you plan to release a series of Ebooks.


With Issuu Digital Sales, you can give readers a taste of what your Ebook is made of to entice them to buy. Choose any pages in your publication to share as free preview pages before they buy the Ebook. This is a great way to show potential customers the quality of your content without giving away too much.

Direct Payment Solution for Ebooks

Get paid directly for your Ebook from your readers when you use Issuu to publish. With Stripe payments, set-up is easy and your funds are deposited directly into your account. Learn more about getting started with Digital Sales on Issuu.

Give Readers a Preview

It’s important to give your readers a little snippet of what your content is all about before they make an investment. Giving a preview of your content can allow for people to get hooked and want more. You can achieve this with previews on Digital Sales, but another savvy way to give readers a taste is with Issuu Stories. Issuu Stories are a way to segment editorial content from your publication to create mobile-optimized, bite sized versions of what’s in your publication. If you’d like to share a specific segment from a chapter of your Ebook, turning it into an Issuu Story is a great way to share your snippet across devices for an even more seamless experience. Now with Visual Stories, you can market your Ebook to social with ease. The Issuu x Adobe InDesign plugin  allows you to reformat your content into social story friendly formats. Simply download the plugin and turn your Ebook content into sleek, engaging stories for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more!

Market Your Ebook Easily with Issuu’s Tools

Make money with Ebooks online using Issuu’s tools for both selling and making the sale. Market your Ebook with Issuu’s tools to get your Ebook noticed.

Embed Your Ebook Onto Your Site or Blog

Use Issuu’s customizable embed feature to create a beautiful Ebook sales experience anywhere on your site or blog. You can customize the Ebook reader to your branding so your readers feel more at home. Having a well designed custom Ebook reader is a great way to make your content look even more high quality and professional.

Full Screen Reader

Want to link readers directly to your Ebook from email or social? Skip the distractions and immerse them in Issuu’s full screen reader. This will put your content front and center so your customers can focus on your content without distractions.

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Quick Tips to Make Money with Ebooks Using Issuu

Keep it Simple

Try to keep your Ebook writing simple. Don’t overcomplicate it, because your readers are likely newcomers to your niche who are looking for guidance. Do your best to make the writing easy to understand.

Always Proofread your Ebooks

Make sure to triple check your Ebook content for errors. If your readers are investing in something, it should be worth their while. Typos and other errors may make your audience lose trust and not want to keep investing in your brand.

Give Readers a Taste

Let your customers have a preview of your content before they commit to buying. This is a great way to hook them so they’ll want to invest in the full product.

You Are an Expert in Something

There is always going to be something that you know better than many other people. Use your skills and interests to your advantage to create content that other people will want access too. You are an expert; you just have to figure out what you’re an expert in.

Increase Ebook Sales with Issuu

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Make Money with Ebooks on Issuu

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