Brochure Templates, Magazine & Catalog Templates to Download and Customize

By Stephanie WarnerSeptember 22, 2021Business, Content Marketing, Featured, Product Updates

Issuu Creator Home screen with template options for Brochures, Catalogs, Magazines and more.

Brochure Template, Magazine and Catalog Templates to Download and Customize

You’ve got a great online course, a thriving brand, or an up-and-coming creative business, and you’re looking to translate your content into something a little longer-form. We’re excited to introduce our brand new set of free downloadable online templates to create brochures, catalogs, magazines, portfolios, and eBooks. These new downloadable templates work in Microsoft PowerPoint, Keynote, and can be uploaded to Google Slides and converted. Designed with areas for photos, videos, text, and ads, these templates are perfect for anyone looking to convert their content or start creating from the ground up. You will find all of the new templates right on your Issuu account’s Creator Home page.

Issuu templates to download

What is a template? 

Issuu’s free digital templates are downloadable files for PowerPoint, Keynote and Google Slides with pre-built pages featuring a variety of editable layouts perfect for your brochure, catalog, eBook, and more. The result is a finished file that can be easily uploaded to Issuu and transformed into a digital flipbook.

How do digital templates work?

It is super easy to get started. Simply choose the template you’d like to use. For the initial launch, we are offering a brochure template, catalog template, magazine template, portfolio template, and eBook template.

Download the template file you want to customize to your computer. Open the file in PowerPoint, Keynote, or upload it to Google Slides and convert it for editing. Once you have the template file open, now you can customize it with your own photography, images, logos, or stock photography that fits your company. Edit the text modules, whether you need to change the font style, size, or just the text. Play around with the colors in the template and update as needed. If the template includes too many pages for your content, just delete pages you don’t need. Or if you need a few more pages, make a copy of the template pages you love and customize those as well. The template will be made completely your own during the editing process!

Once your brochure, catalog, magazine, portfolio or eBook is totally customized and ready to publish, just download the PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Slide file as a PDF. Next, log in to and upload the PDF file to the Creator’s Workspace to create a flipbook in an instant. 

Once your file is uploaded on Issuu, you can enhance your flipbook content with interactive elements including embedded video, shopping links, and weblinks. Why build your content from scratch? Get a headstart with Issuu templates today!

Brochure template

Create a stunning brochure for your brand or business! Brochures are one of the most popular content types on Issuu, and now you can use Issuu’s new brochure template to create your own. Businesses of all types from real estate, travel, consultants, creatives, retailers, and more benefit from having a multi-page digital brochure they can easily share with prospective customers and clients. The brochure template on Issuu offers you a modern multi-page template to customize exactly for your needs. Make the brochure just a few pages or longer — depending on how detailed you want to be. Once you’ve customized the brochure template and uploaded it to Issuu, watch it transform into a sleek flipbook that you can distribute around the web and on mobile.

Magazine template

Start your media empire using the magazine layout template on Issuu. Pick from many different page designs, add your text, unique font treatment, brand colors, images and upload the final PDF file to Issuu for an instant flippable magazine. You can even sell your content created with the Issuu magazine template, commission-free! The magazine template is the perfect way to start your first digital zine.

Catalog template

Be a savvy seller with Issuu’s free catalog template. Transform your online store into an immersive flipbook with our product catalog template. Start by customizing each page with product photos, descriptions, price, and even customer reviews. Uplevel your catalog by linking the catalog pages to your eCommerce store and create a 360 marketing experience. Issuu makes it easy to embed your catalog right on your website and Issuu automatically optimizes your content for viewing on all screen sizes.

Portfolio template

Showcase your best work with a professional digital portfolio. Download Issuu’s free portfolio template to create a flipbook masterpiece of all your best work. Show the world your accomplishments, from art, architecture, and fashion portfolios, to design project portfolios and so much more. Transform your portfolio into a dynamic interactive experience that will wow clients, recruiters, and potential employers. You need a portfolio that is optimized for digital viewing and Issuu’s portfolio template is the perfect place to start.

EBook template

Looking to create an online flipbook or eBook to capture leads? It’s never been easier or more fun to format and customize your eBook content using Issuu’s free template. Download the eBook template, edit with your own content and expertise, include images, and your own branding. Once fully customized, upload the file to Issuu and you will have a sleek flipbook available in a fullscreen reader and optimized for SEO to reach a wider audience. Generate leads by embedding your eBook behind a lead form or landing page. It’s fast and simple. 

Flipbooks in a flash

Build content today with the new Issuu digital templates! The downloadable templates make it easy to get started quickly, empowering you to transform ideas into catalogs, brochures, eBooks, magazines, and portfolios. The Issuu templates are made with our users in mind and optimized for the biggest impact on Issuu. We all flip for Issuu’s new templates!

Made for Powerpoint. Optimized for Issuu. Don’t wait another day to start creating content and improve your content marketing. Get started today and try the NEW Issuu templates to create a brochure, catalog, magazine, eBook, or portfolio today!