Like Print, But Better: Giving Readers a Top-Notch Experience With Fullscreen Sharing

By Kendal RodgersJuly 6, 2022Product Updates, Content Marketing, Tips

Learn how fullscreen sharing replicates the experience of print but in an even better way. With this feature, you can provide a better customer experience (CX) and increase engagement with your content.

Welcome back! We’re sharing insights into some of our best digital publishing features, complete with tutorial videos to help you navigate all that our platform has to offer. In case you missed them, you can check out the first two blogs in our Issuu Feature Series here: The Digital Content Revolution and The Power of Visual Storytelling.

As our third blog in this series, we’ll look at how you can provide your readers with a top-notch experience via Fullscreen Sharing. This digital content publishing feature is chock full of benefits, replicating the experience of print but in an even better way. With Fullscreen Sharing, you can provide a better customer experience (CX) and increase engagement with your content. 

Let’s explore the power of digital publishing with Issuu and cover a few key tips for making the most of your flipbook content with Fullscreen Sharing.

The Power of Digital Publishing

For business owners, creators, marketers, designers, and those who wear numerous hats in between, digital publishing is an incredibly powerful tool. Regardless of who your target audience is, there is no doubt that they are consuming the majority of their content online these days (and a lot of it, at that). 

Creating a digital publication of your magazine, brochure, article, or other content piece is critical for reaching your target customer base. In fact, digital publishing revenue in the U.S. is flourishing and is projected to amount to over $11B dollars by 2025. Tablets, smartphones, laptops, desktops, and e-readers are quickly becoming the preferred platform for consuming information.

Digital publishing also allows you to enjoy many benefits. Here are just a few:

  • Ditch the costs and hassles associated with traditional printing methods. Through Issuu, you can turn static documents into high-performing digital flipbooks that can be published quickly, and you can do so without draining marketing budgets.

  • Deliver a memorable experience by designing unique flippable content. Readers will enjoy the intuitive format of a flipbook, mimicking the look and feel of traditional print material.

  • Repurpose your content across several channels. Flipbooks are perfect for repurposing content into derivative assets for promoting across social media, websites, email marketing, and more! Once you have created an engaging content piece, there are countless ways to put it to work.

In order to take your content marketing to the next level, however, you need to deliver an ad-free, fully immersive experience. So, let’s take a look at which features make it possible to create highly shareable content that improves your brand positioning.

Reap the Ultimate Benefits With Fullscreen Sharing

When we designed Fullscreen Sharing, our goal was to create the ultimate distraction-free reading experience. With Fullscreen Sharing, you’ll allow your audience to immerse themselves in your content and leave the “noise” behind. By giving readers a Fullscreen Sharing link to your publication, their entire screen will be filled with your flipbook so they’re enticed to continue reading and turning the digital pages. It’s eye-catching and captures the attention of your audience more than standard viewing mode ever could.

Your content is transformed into a flippable web page (or experience – per se), easily linkable from an email newsletter, social media channel, or even an SMS message. Other benefits of Fullscreen Sharing include:

  • Improve the ability to hold your readers' attention through an engaging content format. With a fullscreen flipbook, readers will not be distracted by additional windows, notifications, or ads. Instead, they will be focused on your content and your content alone.

  • Gain the opportunity to highlight the content you want. With Fullscreen Sharing, you can customize your content to start a reader on page one or a specific page within the publication. This allows you to test out different methods to see which one offers you the best engagement.

  • Showcase your content in single or multi-page formats. Fullscreen Sharing is designed to give you the ultimate flexibility in how you showcase content.

Not only is Fullscreen Sharing a powerful tool with numerous benefits, but it’s also incredibly easy to use. Check out the tutorial video below on how to customize your content and generate a fullscreen reading link; or, visit our help guide to learn more.

Ensure Distraction-Free Reading With Zero Ads

Fullscreen Sharing is the best method for preventing distractions and adding to the immersive experience that flipbooks offer. Issuu also allows you to customize the fullscreen reader with your logo, fonts, and color palette. This ensures that when a reader lands on your content, you are building a stronger association with your brand.

In addition to ensuring brand consistency, Issuu allows users to remove banner ads from content. This helps lower bounce rates and increase engagement.

Remove banner ads from your publication to deliver a distraction-free reading experience.

Interested in removing banner ads from your content? Check out the video below to navigate this Premium feature. For in-depth instructions, visit our help guide.

What’s Up Next

If you’re looking to improve your digital publishing and content marketing strategy, stay tuned. We have two more exciting features to showcase for you, and we can’t wait to see how you put them to work! At Issuu, our passion is helping people transform their best content into a dynamic and fully-digital experience. See you next week!

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