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A digital flyer or leaflet is a succinct and effective way to get the word out about products, events, and special offers. It’s a straightforward, attention-grabbing format designed to help you get your message out there and be heard through all the noise online. 

Issuu’s digital flyer maker can help you create a flyer or a leaflet online, integrating with tools you already have like Google Docs, Dropbox, and InDesign.

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What is a digital flyer?

A digital flyer is a piece of promotional content in digital format that is usually designed to resemble a traditional print flyer. 

Flyers usually feature high-quality images and a colorful design to set a mood. The written content in a flyer or leaflet is brief and to the point with a clear message. There should be an attention-grabbing headline and a strong call to action (CTA).  

The design and copywriting of a digital flyer should make the subject clear, even to someone who just glances at it. 

From a business standpoint, one of the main reasons to use a flyer is wide distribution. This is true for print and digital flyers alike. A flyer helps with brand visibility, and a leaflet (which is typically a little more in-depth) helps you tell your story.  

Where the digital format and print differ is in their reach and ROI. Social media makes it possible to distribute a leaflet online to a far broader audience than you could ever hope to reach in print. And since you’re not paying to print anything, it’s far less expensive to put it out there.


How to make a digital flyer:

  1. Upload the flyer or leaflet as a PDF document (Or you can upload .doc, .docx, or .ppt file types or import your files directly from Dropbox or Google Drive).

  2. Enhance! Transform your new flyer or leaflet by including interactive links and embedded videos. Make your flyer a source of revenue with shoppable links. Connect your message with other content assets by linking to them. 

  3. Captivate your audience with our Fullscreen feature. Fullscreen viewing makes it possible to view your flyer, distraction-free, in the largest format the user’s screen will allow. 

  4. Embed your new dynamic flyer directly in your website with our Embed feature; you can also customize your flyer with your brand, logo, and colors to perfect your marketing and branding.

Cloud storage ready

All your content, one click away. 

You can use Issuu’s Google Drive and Dropbox integrations to upload files directly to Issuu. Cloud functionality lets you store all your visual and content assets in one place and source content from anyone on your team. Everyone can collaborate and contribute. When you’re ready to publish, upload all your content directly from the cloud into our digital flyer maker. It’s as easy as a few clicks.



Integrate your workflow seamlessly. 

Our InDesign integration lets you create a flyer in InDesign and upload it directly to Issuu when you’re ready. We built this integration to streamline the creative process and make it super simple for InDesign users to publish their work. This is perfect if InDesign is already a part of your digital workflow. We’re so excited to integrate our digital publishing platform with one of the best design tools around, and we think the results speak for themselves.



Connect and sell directly from your flyer. 

With a digital flyer maker, you can add links to make your flyer browsable, shoppable, and connected to relevant content. Adding links can dramatically boost conversions and signups and make your CTA much more effective. For example, if you want people to RSVP to an event, adding a signup link makes it easy for them to do so. Links are an engagement game-changer, turning static flyers into engagement hubs and revenue machines!


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Leaflets: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Flyers have been used for decades to spread awareness about anything from circuses to political causes. While effective, the audience of print flyers was limited to whoever walked by. To boost effectiveness in the 21st century, your flyers have to be digital. Thanks to social media and SEO, the potential audience for a digital flyer is almost unlimited.

  • Start with what you want to say. What is your message? What action do you want your audience to take when they see your flyer? (We’ll talk about how to design a flyer in a second). 

    Here is some messaging that would be perfect for a business flyer:

    • A special announcement, like a sale, event or product launch. 

    • Detailed product information. 

    • Head-to-head comparisons explaining the value of your product. 

    Next, think about your audience. Where do you want them to find your flyer? What channels will you use to promote it? 

    The answers to these questions will help you put the right message in the right place to reach the right people.

  • You can design a flyer with any number of design tools, including Canva and InDesign. Depending on your skillset, you might want to write the copy first and then build your design around it.

    Here are a few best practices to keep in mind:

    • Figure out what you want to say before you start designing. What do you want to accomplish with your flyer? 

    • Keep it simple, legible, and straightforward. 

    • Include a call to action (CTA). This is the action you want your audience to take. You need to come right out and ask them. For example, if you want them to RSVP to an event or signup to your newsletter, that’s your CTA. Your flyer should say “RSVP” or “sign-up today” and include relevant links.

  • A flyer is supposed to catch your audience’s eyes and hold their attention. To do this, design your flyer with exciting fonts and colors with a consistent theme. Since you want viewers to get the message, your design should be simple and neat. Space is precious on a flyer, so stay focused--one message per flyer.

  • In print, the difference between a leaflet and a pamphlet is the number of sheets used to make them. A leaflet is one sheet, usually folded. A pamphlet is made up of multiple sheets. A flyer is a single, unfolded sheet. 

    Digitally, there’s a little more gray area with these terms. A digital leaflet doesn’t have to be one page, but its content is likely to be focused on a single subject, one aspect of a broad subject, or it might announce an event. A digital pamphlet might be a little more in-depth, with more headings and subsections.

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