Issuu Connections: The War in Ukraine

By Kendal RodgersMay 16, 2022Editorial

This year, on February 24th, most of the world watched in horror as Russia invaded Ukraine – marking the first time a major power has invaded a European neighbor since World War II. As the war continues to rage, we have dedicated the May edition of our Connections newsletter to the people focused on supporting Ukraine and promoting peace for all. The Ukrainian people's strength, bravery, and sheer determination, even throughout the devastation of war, have reaffirmed the importance of connection and inspired community building in all of us. Take a look.

Inspiring Story: Kyiv International School

We recently sat down with Rachel Geary, the Athletic Director and Activities Coordinator at Kyiv International School (KIS). When war broke out, and her student population was dispersed through a series of emergency evacuations, Rachel turned to Issuu for hosting and sharing their yearbook virtually – something seemingly small on the surface yet treasured now more than ever. Issuu is committed to helping connect the distributed staff and students of KIS, all of whom have been directly affected by this tragedy. Read the full story, here, on our blog. We also urge you to visit the KIS support page and donate to staff on GoFundMe.

Kyiv International School in Ukraine

Supporting Families Fleeing The War

The United Way of Greater Moncton & Southeastern New Brunswick, Canada, is processing donations to support humanitarian efforts in Ukraine at no administrative cost. This publication was assembled by BrainWorks Marketing on their behalf and is an immensely moving campaign for families fleeing the war; find out what items are needed and how you can help support their relocation today.

Auctioning Art for Ukraine

No matter where you are in the world, hosting an online auction is a quick and effective way to fundraise for important causes. And that’s exactly what Waddington’s auction house in Toronto did in support of Ukraine recently. With 64 immersive pages of art on a digital display, they were able to connect donors with auction items and give 100% of all proceeds to The Canada-Ukraine Foundation, which delivers relief funding to hard-hit areas. After looking through this catalog, you may contemplate a charity auction of your own.

Honoring Ukrainians & The Colors of Freedom

Flipping through these pages, you won’t see photos of war nor articles that talk about it … G&G _ Magazine published this special edition to honor the Ukrainian people and their resistance fight instead. The contents aim to remind us all of the vibrancy and beauty of their cities, many of which now exist only in memory. Be inspired by the people, places, and spaces of Ukraine. Their message to all of us? Continue to create, and don’t be silent.

Appraising the War from All Angles

The Foreign Policy Research Institute aims to answer the big question, “Where is the Russo-Ukrainian War going?” In this publication, their team evaluates the war from every angle and perspective, acknowledging that modern technology still only provides us with a narrow view of the entire picture. Towards the end of the flipbook, readers can get their take on what all possible outcomes of the war may look like. 

Helping Out

With no clear end in sight, Ukraine and its displaced citizens need our collective support for the months (and years) to come. Find additional resources by visiting Support Ukraine NOW, a globally crowdsourced list that’s updated in real-time with a wealth of information on ways each of us can best help from afar.

Hopeful for peace,

The Team at Issuu