Issuu Attends CreativePro Week, Launches InDesign Extension and More Tools for Designers

By IssuuJuly 12, 2019Last updated on August 4, 2020Events

Issuu launches Adobe InDesign Plugin and more tools for designers at CreativePro Week

On June 13, 2019, Issuu attended the 2019 CreativePro Week in Seattle. CreativePro’s conference is described as the “essential how-to conference for creative professionals”. This gathering goes over essential tools and strategies for those working in creative industries. Issuu was happy to take part and give a breakfast talk about the Issuu Adobe InDesign Plugin, and the Issuu Story Cloud.

What is the Issuu Story Cloud?

The Issuu Story Cloud makes it easy to convert your content into new formats for sharing on your website, as mobile Stories on social and across the web. It’s a suite of integrated digital publishing products for designers, editors, marketers and more. Tap the power of the Issuu Story Cloud to create and share content to your website, on your blog or as Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, Snapchat Stories and more.


Visual Stories from the Issuu Story Cloud

Our VP of Product, John Sturino, gave a breakfast talk on some of the exciting ways Issuu is helping creators succeed. With the launch of Visual Stories from the Issuu Story Cloud, it’s easier than ever for creators to streamline their content distribution process. 

Watch below as John demos Visual Stories from the Issuu Story Cloud.

Issuu Shares Its Brand New InDesign Plugin

One of our brand new tools in the Issuu Story Cloud is our Adobe InDesign Plugin. The Issuu plugin for Adobe InDesign turns photos, video and text assets from InDesign documents into Issuu Stories. This tool allows designers to optimize their content for speed and efficacy to make their jobs easier.

In the video below, watch as John demos the Issuu InDesign plugin live for the audience.

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Streamlining the Creative Process with Issuu

Attendees were excited to implement Visual Stories into their content strategy. With the audience at CreativePro Week being primarily designers and creatives, the attendees were thrilled to have this tool to share with their social media managers and marketing teams. As the talks at CreativePro Week were education-focused, Issuu was a perfect fit for CreativePro to share tools with designers that can ease their workload.

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Get Started with the Issuu Story Cloud

Get started with the Issuu Story Cloud today to learn how Issuu can best serve your creative endeavors. Whether you’re a designer, editor, marketer and more, the Issuu Story Cloud has the right tools to streamline your content distribution.