Introducing New Upload Formats: ePub and MOBI

By Sara Napier BurkhardJuly 15, 2022Product Updates

A notebook and eReader. Photo by Spencer on Unsplash
New Upload Formats: ePub and MOBI 🎉

At Issuu, we're always working to improve our platform and user experience. Your content is specific and unique. That's why we want to provide as many options as possible for you to display and share your content exactly as intended. We're excited to announce two new upload formats to make that possible: ePub and MOBI.  

About the Formats

ePub: Supported by most e-readers, this is the most widely-used e-book format in the world. You will now be able to upload documents to Issuu using the ".epub" file extension. 

MOBI: This format is most often used for Amazon Kindle tablets and e-readers. You will now be able to upload documents to Issuu using the ".mobi" file extension.   

What this Means for Issuu Users

We now help you publish your ePub or MOBI files directly to Issuu. This gives you more options to upload content without changing its file format beforehand. We hope this will open a world of possibilities for user preferences and further our mission to help make digital publishing simple. 

Who Benefits from this Update?

Everyone has the potential to benefit from this update, but here are a few specific examples: 

  • Educational Publishers: Educational publishers can upload digital versions of textbooks online. These can be made available free of cost or for purchase through our Digital Sales feature. 

  • Literary Publishers: Publishers have the opportunity to share high-quality content online. Share individual chapters or promotional previews of upcoming books or sell them directly on Issuu. 

  • Independent Creators: Independent authors and creators now have more options to upload files in their chosen format, making it even easier to use our platform for distribution. 

Visit our Help Center to read about our currently available list of uploadable file formats and learn more about how to prepare your document for upload on Issuu.

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