International Coffee Day: 5 Must-read Publications

By Talius ChickeringOctober 1, 2021Editorial

International Coffee Day: 5 Must-read Publications

Coffee is…

A beverage, a lifestyle, an industry, a job, a hobby, a science, a culture, an art…and the list goes on.

The world of coffee is as vast as it is beautiful, and as certified coffee lovers ourselves, we could not be more thrilled to share some of our favorite coffee-related publications on Issuu for International Coffee Day! From local shops, to design guides, to international organizations, there is plenty to explore.

Bridge Coffee Roasters - The Coffee Book  

Bridge Coffee Roasters is a coffee roasting company based in the UK. Since 1985 Bridge Coffee has been dedicated to sourcing and roasting the highest quality coffee. This publication, The Coffee Book, dives into the history of the company, the services they offer that include roasting and training, as well as a closer look into the many varieties of coffee they offer, and their ecological and ethical focus on sourcing coffee.

Artisan Coffee Co.

Artisan Coffee Co. is a company that produces very high-quality coffee, but with a unique twist. The company specifically focuses on coffee in a business setting, allowing companies to purchase coffee for their offices, clients, or as gifts. Their Issuu publication outlines the various roasts of coffee they offer, the unique perks they provide to businesses, and the many formats of coffee they sell such as Nespresso pods, whole beans coffee, and coffee bags.

ICO Annual Review - Coffee Year 2019/20 - Overcoming the Pandemic: A year unlike any other

The International Coffee Organization (ICO) is the global organization that works to maintain the health of the coffee industry throughout the world. The ICO cooperates with the UN, local governments, and private companies, and helps facilitate the import and export of coffee. This highly informative publication takes a much more detailed look at coffee, and the global impact it has on many economies, and the various initiatives in place to help assure the coffee industry thrives.

Generation Magazine // Issue no. 7

Generation Magazine is not a coffee-specific publication, but rather is a magazine that includes unique stories and content that “feeds the soul of this generation and beyond.” Their latest publication features a piece on Birchwood Coffee Co., a coffee shop located in Apopka Florida. The article focuses on the owner Banielle Bjork, her own experiences with coffee and owning a business, as well as her vision for the future of her family-oriented shop.

Scrimshaw Coffee - Brand Guide

The Scrimshaw Coffee Brand Guide details the branding created for Scrimshaw Coffee by Corinne Alexandra. The guide is incredibly visually appealing and outlines the do’s and dont’s when it comes to logo usage, tone and voice, color palette, and typography. This is a very satisfying publication to flip through as a coffee lover, graphic designer, or marketer!

We thoroughly hope you enjoyed some of our favorite coffee publications on Issuu. Go brew yourself a cup, relax, and dive into this amazing content!

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