How To Grow Your Audience on Facebook with Issuu

By Ale RamirezDecember 9, 2020Editorial, Content Marketing, Social Media

Three Powerful Tips To Grow Your Audience on Facebook with Issuu

With 2B+ users worldwide, Facebook offers a valuable platform for organizations with a portfolio of products across Facebook and Instagram that can help your organization connect with customers and grow your audience. 

But you’ll find it challenging to move the needle on audience engagement if your content doesn’t really pop. That’s where Issuu can provide real benefits that take your content and marketing efforts to new heights.

Connect Issuu to Facebook to share on social

Upleveling content with Issuu

When considering how to effectively market on Facebook, it’s important to understand that good content must be a pillar of your efforts. To boost your campaigns and drive customer engagement, Issuu offers a number of empowering tools that can make a real difference, including:

  • Issuu Stories

  • Issuu Embedded Links

  • Issuu Analytics

Pro targeting tip: The general rule of thumb is Instagram is better for under-30 advertising and Facebook is better for an older audience.

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Create stunning Visual Stories with Issuu

The most popular format on Facebook and Instagram are Stories. And you can create Stories on Issuu!

The Story format works well for audiences that expect instant visual stimuli. The trick is to create impact right away. 

We live in a visual-first world. The three most popular apps—Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat—are all visually driven. And millennials are processing the visual message in less than half a second, according to Facebook Insights. So you need to know what you’re saying.

Unlock your marketing team’s full potential by using Issuu Stories, which allow you to easily create Stories for Facebook. With the Issuu Story Cloud, this is easier than ever. Discover more about driving sales with Issuu Story Cloud.

Drive sales with Issuu Embedded Links

If you’re building a Facebook presence, Issuu Embed is your best friend and offers a real source of new revenue streams.

By embedding your marketing assets with links, you can drive your audiences down the funnel toward more engagement. And you can even monetize content. 

For your readers and customers, the process couldn’t be more seamless. Your customers simply purchase your material — and then they’ll receive instant access to your content. Plus, Issuu uses Stripe so transactions are simple and straightforward. 

Add detected links and video

Get performance insights with Issuu Story Cloud and Analytics

An equally important aspect of successful Facebook marketing goes beyond just writing copy and designing splash pages. And it doesn’t matter if you’re an indie magazine, a local biweekly, or a student journal.

If you’re looking to sell, you need to know how your sales efforts are going. Then that feedback becomes a virtuous cycle that helps you continue to optimize your growth strategies.

With an Issuu Premium subscription, the Issuu Story Cloud automatically gives you access to all the most important metrics, including impressions, reads, sales, read times, read locations, link-outs, and even publication performance. Issuu Premium delivers powerful insights you can use to better market your publication.

Power your growth on Facebook with Issuu

If Facebook is a primary destination for many of your potential new customers, then make sure you’re impressing them with immersive Story content from Issuu. Use Issuu to embed links in your marketing assets that drive your customers down the funnel to purchase and engagement. Then, use Issuu Story Cloud and Issuu Analytics to track performance and optimize.

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