Hiding Reader Clips for a cleaner reading experience

By Issuu OpsOctober 22, 2015Last updated on February 2, 2018Product Updates


What’s changing

We’ve been taking a careful look at what links matter to publishers in their publications. In the next few days, reader Clips— those orange outlines and icons you might see cluttering your beautiful content— will no longer be displayed.

Why we’re changing it

We’ve heard loud and clear from publishers that you love the beautiful reading experience issuu offers your readers across desktop, mobile web and native mobile apps. Publishers are uploading their beautiful, interesting, and amazing content every day. Removing Reader Clips will keep the focus where it should be: on your content.  

What this means for readers

Readers will still be able to create Clips to share content on social media (provided that you have not disabled Reader Clips for your publication). They’ll still be able to see the history of their Clips under Feed > Activity when they are logged into issuu.com.

What this means for publishers

  • Your web, video and in-publication links will still be displayed, although comments will no longer be displayed.

  • You can still find the statistics for Clips on your publications under Publisher Tools > Statistics when you log into issuu.com.

  • If you’re on the Premium plan, you will still have the option to disable readers’ ability to use Clip on embedded or standalone versions of your publications.  

We’re listening

What do you think? Let us know in the issuu Help Community. Additionally, we’ve got something special and new next week for publishers adding links to their publications, so stay tuned!