Person sketching on large canvas, Meet the Issuu Generators

Nestled among the science periodicals and the cookbooks on issuu are a wealth of high quality magazines filled with thought provoking essays and beautiful photography. We were amazed to learn that some of these publications were the passion projects of young creatives, some of them still in school as they put together a full publication.

We call these people Generators – millennials who generate, create and curate high quality, long form content in the most popular verticals of fashion, art, lifestyle and culture.

Generators Camp

We have invited seven of the most innovative and hardworking Generators on issuu to San Francisco for Generators Camp. This will be a weekend of learning, collaborating, sharing ideas and meeting other people in the industry as a way to empower these amazing young publishers and give them the tools they need to continue to grow and develop their work.

Check out the Generators page on issuu for more information.

Follow along this weekend

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Meet the Generators

In the next few weeks we’ll be sharing a profile of each Generator and their top tips for success in the digital publishing industry. And until then, scroll down to meet the Generators!

Giselle Melendres @gisellelisabeth

A photo of Giselle Melendres with long hair wearing a beanie, looking at the camera with a small smile.

Giselle is the founder and editor of Mad Sounds Magazine, an online youth and culture publication based in Seattle. Giselle started Mad Sounds in 2013 while still attending high school in Northern California, and continues to produce it while completing her freshman year at Seattle University.

Cathrine Khom @cathrinekhom

A photo of Cathrine Khom sitting on a bench looking at their phone. Their purse and some coffee is beside them on the bench.

Catherine is the California-based founder and editor-in-chief of Local Wolves Magazine. Since April of 2012, Local Wolves has been geared at embracing the art, music, entertainment and film scenes around Long Beach, where she currently attends California State University.

Anisa Tavengar @anisatav

A photo of Anisa Tavengar, she has medium length hair and is looking straight at the camera.

Anisa is the editor-in-chief of Columbia College’s acclaimed fashion publication, Hoot Magazine, which focuses on the fashion, art and culture of New York City. She has a background in fashion, with previous experience at Refinery 29 and HerCampus. Anisa will graduate with an Art History major in 2018.

Matthew James Wilson @ForgeArtMag

A photo of Matthew James Wilson, he is smiling and wearing glasses.

Matthew is the founder and editor of the New York City-based quarterly art magazine, Forge.. Each issue features submitted photographs, illustrations and words centered around a single theme. Launched in 2014, Matthew continues to produce Forge. while attending Columbia University for applied visual arts.

Mindy Seegal Abovitz

Mindy is a self-taught drummer and drum machine programmer who started the women’s drumming magazine, Tom Tom, back in 2009. Today she continues to grow the magazine’s online presence and promote its feminist message by speaking at colleges and running an annual contest for female drummers, Hit Like A Girl.

Megan Breukelman @meganbruekelman

Megan helped co-found Atlas Magazine with Oliva Bossert, whom she met online in 2012. Atlas is geared at promoting the new generation of fashion creatives. A recent graduate of the School of Visual Arts, Megan continues to help grow the magazine while pursuing a career in photography.    

A photo of Megan Breukelman and Oliva Bossert, they are standing outside together and smiling.

Olivia Bossert @oliviabossert

Olivia is the Swiss-born, U.K.-based editor and publisher of Atlas Magazine. Along with Megan Breukelman, she helped launch Atlas Magazine in 2012. In December of 2014, Megan and Olivia introduced a subscription-based print version of Atlas to complement their digital one.