February 2022 Content Calendar Ideas

By Hailey LeclercJanuary 18, 2022Content Marketing

February 2022 Content Calendar Ideas

Although the annual January gym rush is beginning to dwindle and promises to eat healthier are likely proving futile (though we hope this isn’t the case!), your New Year’s resolutions for marketing and content creation don’t have to lose resolve. With 2022 in full swing, February is the time to solidify your marketing strategy by closely evaluating your priorities and exploring current trends to refresh your social channels. Get started developing your February content calendar with these effective ideas to continue crafting relevant and meaningful content for your audience as well as set yourself up for lasting success in the beginning months of the new year.

Holidays for February Content Calendars:

Each month brings about its own set of distinct holidays, and February is no exception. Make sure to take advantage of special occasions that relate to your content, and don’t be afraid to branch out and celebrate a holiday that you haven’t considered or heard of before. Ranging from lighthearted to more consequential holidays, diversify your content with celebrations that stimulate both joy and deep reflection in order to promote a mindful balance of content curation.

  • Black History Month (all month long)

  • National Freedom Day (Feb. 1)

  • Chinese New Year (Feb. 1)

  • Groundhog Day (Feb. 2)

  • World Cancer Day (Feb. 4)

  • Super Bowl Sunday (Feb. 6)

  • International Day of Women and Girls in Science (Feb. 11)

  • Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14)

  • National Love Your Pet Day (Feb. 20)

  • President’s Day (Feb. 21)

  • National Banana Bread Day (Feb. 23)

Trends for February Content Calendars:

Experimenting with different trends can be an effective way to cultivate a loyal audience whilst achieving optimal exposure on social channels. In addition to the trends below, pay attention to top hashtags and the latest news in February to ensure your marketing efforts are consistent with what audiences are searching for online.

  • Super Bowl LVI 

  • Black History

  • Omicron COVID-19 Variant

  • Sustainability

  • Love amidst a COVID surge

  • Maximizing health resolutions beyond January

  • President’s Day deals/giveaways

  • Red, pink, and white visuals for Valentine’s Day

  • Dessert recipes/ideas

  • Comeback/rescheduled tours and festivals

  • The rise of crypto and NFTs

  • Hybrid workforce

A Few Content Ideas:

Stuck working to generate unique and captivating posts? Check out a few of the below ideas for inspiration on how to engage your audience and promote your content in a compelling manner this February…

  • Posting a discount or offer in honor of President’s day coupled with a relevant image to the holiday

  • A short post detailing date ideas or gifts for him/her for Valentine’s Day

  • Ask your audience for their opinion regarding a topic related to your content (or an opinion about an issue in general) – this can be a great way to show that your audience’s preferences are of the utmost importance to you

  • Share a behind the scenes look at your background, life, or passions – this can help establish a more intimate relationship between you and your audience

  • Create a fun poll asking users who they believe is going to win Super Bowl LVI

Key Takeaways

Although creating a content calendar from scratch can seem like a daunting task, by focusing on current events and trends, you can market content that you are passionate about as well as resonates with your audience. Above all, practice mindfulness and empathy when deciding which types of content to share as well as choosing the timing of your posts; this will enable you to make purposeful decisions that will not only have a positive impact on your marketing efforts but also the people exposed to your work. If you are looking for more advice on refining your marketing strategy, check out the below resources for additional guidance. Have fun creating!

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