Education Spotlight: Duke University

By Stephanie WarnerAugust 10, 2020Last updated on August 16, 2020Editorial

Universities are epicenters of learning, culture, science, arts, athletics, and so much more. The research, education, and conversations taking place at a university often help to inspire change in the world. Universities must develop and foster channels to connect with students, faculty, and the general population. Of course the power of the internet, social media, and digital content are instrumental for universities to share with the world. Digital publishing in particular has been a powerful tool for universities to increase their academic and cultural influence beyond their physical campus.

Duke University Publications on Issuu

Duke University has a wide range of digital publications they create and distribute to build community, promote academics, encourage attendance, foster alumni networks, and celebrate extracurriculars. Across many of the departments, majors, and schools of study at Duke University, Issuu is the digital publishing and distribution platform of choice. 

Explore Issuu to uncover an impressive digital publication collection by Duke University. The content is a wonderful representation of all the ways Duke University is fulfilling its mission statement: 

“Duke University seeks to engage the mind, elevate the spirit, and stimulate the best effort of all who are associated with the University; to contribute in diverse ways to the local community, the state, the nation and the world; and to attain and maintain a place of real leadership in all that we do.”

Duke University’s digital content includes the Duke Chronicle student newspaper, a faculty magazine Working @ Duke, the official Duke Magazine, and many department reports, research, and annual developments. It’s an impressive example of the vast range of work taking place at Duke University. 

Easy Publishing and Distribution Tool

Issuu is a powerful creation and distribution tool for the various groups and departments at Duke University to leverage. Issuu transforms every flat PDF document into dynamic flipbooks in a few moments and that’s just the beginning of creating a multichannel campaign on Issuu. 

Keisha Williams, the Assistant Vice Principal, Learning & Organization at Duke demonstrates how Issuu makes it easy to share your content to Twitter. The Duke University course catalog is now a dynamic flipbook that stands out on the Twitter feed and drives engagement with current and prospective students.

Tweet from Keisha Williams from Duke University
School of Medicine Makes News on Issuu

The Duke School of Medicine offers several publications across a variety of specialties to inform the university and general public about their advances, discoveries, and accomplishments. Check out the Duke Surgery newsletter and The Pathology Report by the Duke School of Pathology—all published on Issuu. Duke Opthalmology promotes the Vision Magazine, by embedding the magazine on their website using Issuu’s embed feature. No coding required. Content published on Issuu is accessible across all devices and optimized for every screen size, immediately after uploading the files. 

graphical user interface, website

Extracurriculars for the Full Duke Experience

Duke University offers students a well-rounded undergraduate and graduate program experience. Their digital content also showcases more than just academics and student life. Duke Law reminds the law school community and prospective students that it is not all books and lectures. Instead, check out the 21 Favorite Things about Duke Law booklets to commemorate the full Duke Law student experience. Explore the newly launched Decoded, the annual academic and literary journal of arts that celebrates the artists and projects of Duke Performances. The Duke Campus Farm began as an undergraduate program and is now a full-fledged Duke institution promoting “catalyzing positive change in the food system.” The Annual Report is published on Issuu for easy sharing through the monthly Duke Farm emails, and Facebook page.

Duke Digital Content Commemorates Students

Digital content is a powerful tool to build connections across the student body—from commencement booklets to yearbooks. The Duke Center for Multicultural Affairs celebrates the Class of 2020 Latinx Graduates with this special publication. Of course for the Class of 2020, digital content and celebrations were often substitutes for in-person events. And beyond this moment in 2020, Duke University has shown, that digital publications and content are exceptional and effective tools to build the Duke University brand, influence, and community.