Earth Day Around the World on Issuu

By Angela RuthMarch 17, 2021Last updated on March 17, 2021Events, Publisher Spotlight

On April 22nd, Issuu is proud to celebrate Earth Day. For more than fifty years, Earth Day has been a global celebration of our planet and a call to our conscience to value the environment that nourishes us all. 

Today, organizations and individuals around the world are publishing beautiful, informative content on Issuu that advocates, celebrates, and expresses the power and importance of the environment.

In the spirit of Earth Day, we want to highlight some of the amazing content available on Issuu now. 

From Greenpeace Thailand: In response to public motivation to resolve the global plastic pollution crisis, some of the world’s largest companies that produce massive amounts of wasteful, single-use plastic packaging have started to admit that they need to act. Pub: Sep 30 2019

Recycling in California: Find out what 3 factors are driving change in the recycling industry in California, and what you can do to help! Includes ‘The State of Recycling’ and ‘A Consumer’s Guide to Wasting Less.’ Pub: Jan 2 2019

Argentina Photo Nature: This lush photography magazine from Argentina features Australian Geographic nature photographer of 2020. Pub: Jan 24 2021

Catalina Island: Conservancy Times: From one of California’s oldest land trusts, the Conservancy Times is a bi-annual publication of the Catalina Island Conservancy, a nonprofit established in 1972 to protect and restore Catalina Island for present and future generations to experience and enjoy. Pub: Oct 2020

Dangermound Preserve & The Nature Conservancy: In association with the Cal Poly Pomona Department of Architecture, this presentation captures the results of a focus on the Dangermond Preserve, a 24,000 acre site located between Santa Barbara and Lompoc, California. Teams were asked to create a program for the site, one that suits the needs of researchers and scientists with the Nature Conservancy, as well as public forums for educational purposes. Pub: Dec 28 2020

Enjoy more like these on Issuu. You can also find volunteering opportunities at, the official site of Earth Day.