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What is a Digital Flipbook?

A digital flipbook is an ebook with a similar look and feel to a printed publication, without the printing costs! Save paper and shelf space while giving your readers a more engaging and interactive experience than they would have in a typical static document. 

Digital flipbooks have flippable and turnable pages just like printed books, but digital flipbooks give you statistics on who is reading your publications, allow you to boost interactivity with links and video content, and help you reach a global audience at the click of a button.

Digital Flipbook - What Is

How to Make a Digital Flipbook:

  1. To make a flipbook, you’ll want to start with a PDF or .doc file. View our template gallery to get some ideas, or you can download our free flipbook templates to customize with your content and visual assets.

  2. Upload your flipbook to Issuu as a PDF (you can also upload a .doc, .docx, .ppt file types, or import your files directly from Dropbox or Google Drive). If your design started as an InDesign file or Canva template, you can easily export those files as PDFs, and then upload them to Issuu. Our flipbook maker does all the hard work, turning that PDF into a dynamic, page-turning asset in seconds - presto flipbook!

  3. Make your flipbook interactive by adding shopping links, a table of contents with navigation to specific pages, and even embedded videos right on the page. Links and videos provide that extra level of detail, bringing added professionalism and a dynamic feel.

  4. Now that our flipbook creator has worked its magic, how about creating a seamless mobile-first experience using Article Stories? Pull stories from anywhere in your flipbook, and easily turn them into their own mobile-optimized articles by creating Article Stories.

  5. Looking for that interactive experience on your own homepage? Embed the flipbook directly on your website so your audience can easily find and read your content right at the source.

  6. Wanting to share content only with certain people? Customize backgrounds, and distribute your unlisted content with a select few. Share your flipbook with your followers with Issuu’s fullscreen reading experience. 

Fullscreen Sharing

Fullscreen, Full attention

Capture your customers’ attention with fullscreen sharing. Immerse readers in content that is uniquely you. Customize backgrounds, remove ads, and experience the power of your designs in fullscreen.

Digital Flipbook - Fullscreen Share

Digital Sales

Make Money Online

We spend a large portion of our days online, and so do your customers. Digital sales is a global audience at your fingertips. Whether you’re selling single issues or continued subscriptions, make money online with Issuu’s commission-free digital sales.

Digital Flipbook -


Your Content, Your Website

Ready to take your designs to the next level? Make a flipbook that goes perfectly with your brand. Level up your content by embedding your Issuu publications directly on your website.

Digital Flipbook - Embed

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Digital Flipbook: Frequently Asked Questions

  • A digital flipbook works by using HTML5 technology to create an interactive book-like rendering on a webpage or mobile application. Simply put, it takes your scrolling PDF or .doc file, and outputs a digital flipping book with pages you can turn. From there you can add additional information (like shopping links, embedded videos, clickable table of contents, etc.) for a more interactive experience.

  • Easy answer? Anyone! A more specific answer:

    • Students - Dynamically showcase your school projects.

    • Real Estate Agents - Create interactive video walkthroughs of all of the houses currently listed on the market.

    • Magazines - Reach a global audience while decreasing your carbon footprint with a digital flipbook.

    • Restaurants - Easily design an online menu for your customers to flip through, whether it’s one page, or dozens.

    • Non-Profits - Create an annual donor report or impact snapshot that’s shareable everywhere.

  • Have you ever found yourself endlessly scrolling through a PDF? You’re not alone! PDFs are great for documents, but when you’re looking for an option closer to a printed book, using a flipbook creator like Issuu is the natural next step. Digital flipbooks give you that page-turning experience and also add that extra bit of interactivity; you can add links, navigate to pages easily, and embed videos! Unlike your standard PDF, our digital flipbooks have analytics, keeping the entire team on track with which version is live and what content is being read. With a PDF, the only metric you can track is how many people have downloaded it, whereas with our flipbooks, you can track clicks, downloads, views, reads, and all sorts of valuable metrics!

  • Yes! Issuu is the go-to flipbook maker with both free and paid accounts. You can easily download from our list of templates, customize them to make them your own, and upload your finalized publication on Issuu to turn it into the perfect flipbook. Transform that scrolling PDF to a page-turning flipbook in the blink of an eye! Try Issuu for free, or upgrade your account for more premium features; Issuu has an account for all of your digital flipbook needs.

  • To convert a PDF into a flipbook, create an account with Issuu and upload your PDF. We'll transform it into a digital flipbook that you can easily share and distribute in just a few clicks.

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