December 2021 Content Calendar Ideas

By Talius ChickeringNovember 10, 2021Content Marketing

December 2021 Content Calendar Ideas

As Autumn begins to wind down and winter creeps ever closer, it’s time to begin planning your social media content for the month of December. December is a time of family gatherings, the celebration of a variety of holidays, and anticipation of the year ahead. Creating content for this time that captures all of these nuances can be quite tricky - let’s dive into our top recommendations so you can master December social content! 

As an initial step, here is a list of some of our favorite holidays in December, some of which are lighthearted and playful, and others that are more serious. The following list provides a well rounded framework that can help inspire a wide variety of social media content.

December holidays

Nov 28th-Dec 6th Hanukkah

Dec 1st National Pie Day 

Dec 4th National Cookie Day

Dec 10th Human Rights Day

Dec 17th Wright Brothers Day

Dec 18th National Twin Day

Dec 23rd Festivus

Dec 24th Christmas Eve

Dec 25th Christmas

Dec 26th- Jan 1st Kwanzaa

Dec 26th Boxing Day

Dec 31st Ōmisoka

Dec 31st New Years Eve

A few content ideas include:

-Posting a small discount or giveaway on social media for each day of Hanukkah, coupled with a Menorah graphic and related imagery.

-Leading up to Christmas, posting questions or polls about favorite traditions or memories can be a great way to engage your audience leading up to a large promotional event.

-Looking to incorporate more fun holiday imagery into your social content? Using holidays such as pie or cookie day can be a great way to add in some holiday related content into your feed.

Let's talk color palette

We all know the overdone “holiday” color palettes that include the same shades of red, green, and white. Trust us, your audience on social media is going to be just as overwhelmed as you are with the sea of red and green that suddenly populates their feeds. Keeping your color scheme fresh for December can help catch someone’s eye in the midst of more traditional color palettes. Here are a few ideas you can use to spice it up - feel free to experiment and discover what works best for you and your brand!

A variety of color palettes for the holidays

Holiday sales

When it comes to December, there are often a variety of sales that are run for Christmas or New Years, and as content creators it is important to balance promoting these sales with content that your audience actually wants to see. You want to make sure that your entire feed is not taken over by ads, especially if you have already heavily promoted a Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale in November. If you suddenly switch to promotional content your audience will quickly become disenchanted and your impressions and conversions can drop rapidly. 

A good rule of thumb is to keep promotional posts to a minimum, and to make sure they are very high quality. Instead of generating a large quantity of posts, use the boosted post feature on Instagram and Facebook to increase impressions of a smaller quantity of holiday sale related posts. You will often see that a few well planned posts can go very very far!


December can also be the perfect time to launch a giveaway or contest on social media. In the spirit of gift-giving and celebration, launching a giveaway can help excite and engage your followers. Your giveaway can be anything from free merch, a trial of your service, or a specific package of free products. Launching a giveaway can also be a very effective way of growing your social followers before you start your holiday season sale in order to increase conversions when your sale does go live.


December means that another year is coming to a close, which from a business perspective is the perfect time to take stock of the past year’s content, assess what worked and what didn’t, and brainstorm your content strategy for next year. Take a look at this blog post to learn how to create a year in review content campaign, and let your creativity shine when thinking of new trends, platforms, techniques, and content buckets you want to focus on in 2022!