Spotlight on Content Innovators: Good Good Good

By Angela RuthAugust 4, 2021Customer Stories, Publisher Spotlight, Business

Good News Newspaper

Everyone enjoys a bit of good news, so much so that a small company which started out by simply sharing a few inspirational stories, touching articles and motivating tips has now grown into a global media brand reaching an audience of more than 2 million a week.

Traveling around the world as a humanitarian photographer, Branden Harvey has witnessed hardship, injustice, and misfortune through the eye of his lens that would easily overwhelm and distress anyone in that position. But during these difficult moments, Branden also experienced the beauty of humanity - where someone, somewhere would rise up, help out, and selflessly do good for others.  He wanted to share these stories of hope, so he started a new journey and used digital tools to help his path to success.

Good fuels Growth

Using his own and others’ stories as a source of inspiration helps propel and energize Branden in his extraordinary career as a storyteller, digital activist, author, speaker and founder of The Good Good Good Company. His one-person passion project has grown into a profitable business staffed with writers, editors, content marketers, social media experts and producers.  Launched at a time when most printed newspapers and magazines were struggling to stay alive, the Goodnewspaper has grown from quarterly to monthly print and digital editions, in addition to weekly emails and Goodnewsletters delivered to their eager and growing fanbase.

The Good Good Good team curates material from various sources, fact checks, and does the layouts for the newspaper in Adobe InDesign.  They publish the final publication as a PDF, then turn to Issuu to take it to the next level.  The PDFs are uploaded, enhanced and converted in Issuu into digital editions of the newspaper complete with animated page turns and full screen reader capabilities.  Links to the digital newspaper are included within emails sent to the print subscriber base and those interested in the trial subscription.

 “Issuu helps us add value to our subscription model, and increases the conversion of our trials into paying subscribers,” states Branden. “We only started the digital version of our Goodnewspaper in February, and we’ve received about  2000 new subscribers since then - the results are incredible!”.

Digital archives extend Delight

Brendan and his team sell their print subscriptions via Good Good Good's website - but utilize the Issuu platform and Issuu digital sales tools to promote and sell newspapers by the issue or annual subscription - as well as older, archived digital editions of their Goodnewspapers to generate additional revenue.  Branden shared, “we had a subscriber in France love our newspaper so much, they asked for access to past editions, so with Issuu to the rescue, we converted, uploaded and shared the old editions with them. They were delighted, and we now have the ability to sell archived editions for some extra income. It’s nice to see that good news really has no shelf-life.”

Good content from great People

Most publishers and marketers struggle to create or source fresh content, but not Branden and team.  “What we’ve found is that there’s no shortage of good news in the world, we just have to know where to look.”  Hundreds of subscribers and contributors send Good Good Good leads on stories for consideration across a wide range of topics from humanitarianism and the  environment to health-related matters and heroic deeds.  With Issuu, the team can continue their fast pace to share good news in print and digital, because they have Issuu as their content creation and distribution platform.

“We did several trials of other software tools, but we chose Issuu because it’s the gold standard." 


  • Easy, quick success - team members can easily upload, convert and publish digital versions of PDF newspapers and newsletters 

  • Added subscriber benefits- digital version of newspapers an added benefit to their print subscribers

  • Revenue opportunities - make money selling digital subscriptions or digital archives with Issuu’s digital sales tools

  • Professional  - web-ready fonts, full screen reader and embedded link makes reading experience first-class

  • Reach  - showcasing Goodnewspapers on Issuu’s discovery platform unlocks access to millions of potential new readers and subscribers