Customer Story: City of Mesa

By Kendal RodgersMay 17, 2022Customer Stories

Digital content is a great way to engage entire communities and promote activities and events. Whether it’s transforming a program guide, brochure, monthly newsletter, or something else, flipbooks are easy and effective to share with large audiences. So we recently sat down with Jessica, the Web Manager for the City of Mesa, Arizona. In this ongoing Q&A series, we chat with customers to uncover all the ways they use Issuu for the digital publishing efforts within their department. Check out what Jessica had to say regarding her team’s experience.

How did you initially discover Issuu?

We found Issuu when we were trying to figure out how to load large PDF documents into our system. Because we can only load up to 30 MB of content at a time, it led us to search for a better solution. Initially, Issuu served as a ‘digital storage box’ for us, allowing us to store and share large documents. Staff across the city departments were interested in using the flipbook feature, however, so that’s primarily what we’ve been using Issuu for.

What kind of content do you primarily publish on Issuu?

It varies; we have published everything from local program and activity guides to recurring newsletters. If you take a look at our Issuu page, you’ll see that our content is quite random, but each piece was created to address a specific need or topic.

Which feature does your team utilize the most?

Embedding! This is by far the most used feature on Issuu. A perfect example is our recent SpokeLife Mesa (Spring 2022) magazine, which is all about cycling in and around the area. You can flip through it on Issuu, but you can also access it here on our website - underneath the ‘SpokeLife Mesa’ dropdown - where we promote our growing bike and pedestrian program.

Our team is interested in using more features, but we haven't dived deeper into all that Issuu offers yet, and are pretty certain we’re missing out. We’re looking forward to establishing Groups inside of Issuu for collaborative content management soon since that is also really important to our department. 

What’s in your creative toolbox?

We use Adobe InDesign to create our publications and GovDelivery to send out our newsletters.

Thank you for joining us, Jessica!

It’s no wonder the City of Mesa has fast-growing content publishing needs. Just 20 miles east of Phoenix, Mesa is the third-largest city in Arizona. Boasting 500,000+ residents, Mesa is known for its breathtaking views of the Superstition Mountains, warm desert climate, active lifestyle, affordability, and increasing popularity as a place of retirement.  Explore more content from the City of Mesa here

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