We chat with Krista and Lindsey, hosts of Almost30; a wellness, spirituality, lifestyle, and inspirational podcast for women. Their goal is to create a space where you can come as you are, feel welcomed and supported, and learn more about the topics that fuel your conscious evolution. Inspiring and empowering their listeners, while still keeping it grounded and fun. 

Almost30 Hosts

Tell me a little bit about Almost30; what got you started, how long have you been going, what gets you excited about it!

Krista: Almost 30 is a top 50 wellness and spirituality podcast, global brand, and community with the mission of inspiring and supporting our community’s conscious evolution. Lindsey and I met when we were both going through a lot of personal and professional transitions. We were ‘almost 30’ and going through our Saturn Returns. We had so many questions and fears around growing up, rejection, relationships, our bodies and our spiritual paths. We bonded by having really deep, vulnerable conversations around these topics, and we thought, ‘Why not record these conversations and share them with others going through this?’ That’s how Almost 30 was born!

Now more than six years later, the podcast has evolved so much as we’ve evolved as humans. We’ve expanded our business to include workshops, events, a membership platform, courses, retreats, and more. What gets us most excited is that we get to share our authentic voices with the world and empower other people along their own spiritual paths. That is the most incredible, rewarding ‘work’ — it doesn’t feel like work because it’s our purpose!

What are some big-picture goals, challenges, and opportunities?

Lindsey: The big-picture goal is to always be growing personally and to have that growth reflected in the work we do — whether that’s in interviews with podcast guests, going deeper in our membership, or launching new programs (we have some exciting ones coming up in 2022!).  We are never afraid to be the first’s to do something.  In 2022, expect a program that has not been done, guests who are helping us to challenge old paradigms and for me and Krista to share our personal gifts in ways we haven't before.

How have those goals/challenges/opportunities changed during Covid-19, if at all?

Krista: COVID inspired a major shift in our business. Before the pandemic, we did a lot of in-person events, retreats, and even world tours. We had this all planned for 2020, and then of course, like everyone, our plans changed. We pivoted to more online courses, programs, and digital workshops. We launched our membership, which we had been dreaming of for years, but being in one place without events gave us the space to create it. We realized that we can do even deeper work with our community in these more intimate digital containers. 

Tell me a little about the Sacredness of Being Single event and Almost 30 Camp.

Lindsey: Camp Almost 30 is a free, virtual, daylong retreat happening on January 22nd, 2022, and is being sponsored by Issuu! It’s our most popular virtual event ever and it’s magical! Thousands of people will come together to connect, learn, and raise their consciousness. Camp Almost 30 is about community, collaboration, play, depth, vulnerability, and next-level growth. We have some incredible speakers lined up like Mark Groves, Spirit Daughter, Kimberly Snyder, Manoj Dias, and more.

Camp Almost30 Winter 2022

The Sacredness of Being Single Connection Circle is coming up on February 13th. It’s an opportunity for single women to come together in community to celebrate this season of their lives — yes celebrate, because this is a beautiful, transformational season! I had the idea for this event when I was reflecting on the power of my own single season. The intention is to come together to lean into this season, share vulnerably, laugh, and hold space for each other. This will kick off enrollment for the 7 week Sacredness of Being Single Intimate Group Program.  It’s going to be really powerful!

How does content help your organization achieve its goals? What does it mean for your bottom line? Your audiences? 

Krista: Content creation is EVERYTHING for us! Whether through the podcast, newsletters, social media, content in our membership, or digital courses, it’s how we connect with our community and offer them value. We have always been a content-based brand and that has become even more true as we expand into more digital programs. Our audience has come to know us for offering unique, thought-provoking, paradigm shifting content. 

What are some of your goals with Issuu? 

Lindsey: We create A LOT of content! As we mentioned before, content is key for our brand. Our goal with Issuu is to take the beautiful content we create and make it even more impactful and digestible to our audience. What we love about Issuu is that we can take a PDF and easily turn it into social assets to share it even more widely or create a beautiful fullscreen reader, which enhances the experience our audience has with our content. Issuu helps us share across platforms, and makes this process more easeful and intuitive. It also helps the graphic designer on our team, so she has more time and energy to focus on her zone of genius. 

Is there a specific Issuu feature you use most? Or is there a favorite feature? 

Krista: We absolutely love the customize feature! We use it to upload PDFs and turn them into digital flipbooks and visual stories. We customize it so everything is in our brand colors and fonts. This makes it really easy for all of our branding to stay consistent across platforms, so everything looks and feels like Almost 30. 

How does the Issuu platform help you bring your content to life? 

Lindsey: We use Issuu to create content for our programs like flipbooks with tips, rituals, and integration exercises. This brings more value to our program participants and gives them a visual piece they can use to dive deeper into the work. We also use Issuu to turn our PDFs into email and social assets, which makes life so much easier for our team!

Do you have a favorite Issuu that you’ve produced?

Krista: We are working on one right now that will include tips and rituals for our community to embrace self love around Valentine’s Day (and really every day!). We are so excited to release this, and using Issuu has made it really easy to make it beautiful and special for our community!

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