Celebrating Thanksgiving 2021 with Issuu

By Angela RuthNovember 13, 2021Publisher Spotlight

Welcome to Thanksgiving 2021 All, we made it! Last year represented a pretty insane time. From the pandemic, Black Lives Matter protests, vaccines, burnout, labor movements, effects of climate change, and so much more. With all of the many positive and negative ramifications that we will undoubtedly feel for years to come. It is at this time of year that we are reminded of those who matter most, where we can come together (whether in person or virtually) to celebrate all of the things that we are thankful for.

Issuu is home to a lot of amazing content, and we’ve selected a few favorites for this upcoming Thanksgiving! Whether you’re looking for how to cook your turkey, or some Fall inspiration, we’ve gathered some wonderful examples of customers publishing Thanksgiving content on Issuu that we would like to celebrate:

Brian’s Kitchen Co-Op

Let’s talk turkey! Learn how to cook your bird. Offering several different kinds of non GMO, never frozen turkeys

Elsie Green - Fall Inspiration Guide

Elsie Green’s Thanksgiving Edition magazine inspires you to sit back, relax, and enjoy some Fall favorites. During this festive season, many ask for Elsie Green’s tips on how to throw memorable parties and festive shindigs. Their best advice? Take a deep breath! The guests, decor, and menu might change from year to year, but the real MVPs of Thanksgiving will never change: good china, glassware and flatware, good recipes, good music, and twinkling candlelight. In a magazine that encourages you to take a deep breath and never arrive to the party empty handed, fall in love with inspirational designs, fan favorites, and a few new tricks to hosting the perfect Thanksgiving feast.

501 Life

A cornucopia of Thanksgiving treats, 501 Life’s latest magazine has you covered for all the delightful dishes you’ll be sure to prepare for this upcoming holiday season. Including a special story on beekeeping in your backyard, highlighting the need for bees and a few ideas on how to get your own personal swarm started. You’ll soon find that once you’ve gotten a taste of your own homegrown honey, simply no other honey will do!

Feast Magazine

Thanksgiving is certainly known for being the ‘food’ holiday. Whether it’s tips on how to carve the Thanksgiving turkey, vegan side dishes to excite even the pickiest of eaters, or the perfect wines to pair with the Thanksgiving meal, and a full list of items to add to the table.

Lettuce Grow Guide

We could all use an extra hand in the kitchen, especially when it comes to crafting the perfect salad. Lettuce grow together! This handy dandy guide provides the perfect greens to put on the plate during your late fall festivities. Complete with a chart for the grow cycles of various greens that you can grow yourself!