Balancing Their Passions: How Issuu Editors Live Multiple Dreams

By IssuuDecember 4, 2017Last updated on October 22, 2018Business, Editorial

Image from In the Mood

Balance Your Passions 

Issuu is home to a diverse community of publications and subjects. With this wide array of interests comes a number of publishers who are not only publishers — in fact, a huge portion of them are also business owners, photographers, bloggers, designers, students and beyond. Learn how to balance your passions from these fabulous publishers. 

We deeply appreciate the drive, creativity and passion of all kinds of creators, so we wanted to highlight some of our favorite publishers performing the balancing act between publishing and fulfilling other dreams. Hopefully, their stories can inspire you to balance your passions and live multiple dreams. Check out our roundup.

Antonella Pagliaroli – In the Mood Magazine

Magazine editor Antonella Pagliaroli is also an avid food blogger and photographer, developing seasonal recipes and seasonal publications — talk about a triple threat. As the creator of In the Mood Magazine, Antonella shares her gastronomical secrets in style, using gorgeous imagery to accompany each recipe. Flip through to feast on Antonella’s good taste for good tastes.


Lynzi Judish – Jute Magazine

As an established photographer, Lynzi Judish knows just what makes a good image –– that’s why she can live her dream in both the photography and publishing realms. As editor-in-chief of Jute Magazine, Lynzi produces a high-quality fashion magazine with the magical kind of editorial content you can’t find in mainstream publications. At the same time, she somehow juggles her professional career in photography…and her uniquely creative eye is evident in both worlds.

Elizabeth Stein – Purely Elizabeth

Organic food and healthy living are the ways of life for Purely’s Elizabeth Stein. But clean eating doesn’t mean cutting ‘delicious’ out of your vocabulary, as shown by Elizabeth in her seasonal publication. Featuring a wide array of healthy, gluten-free and/or vegan dishes, Elizabeth balances a beautifully curated publication with her natural foods business.

Giselle Melendres – Mad Sounds Magazine

Full-time student, full-time magazine editor… we’re still wondering how Giselle Melendres finds the time to do both. Nonetheless, twenty-six publications later, Giselle has mastered the balancing act of editor-in-school with Mad Sounds Magazine. Each publication is filled with rising stars and notable names; in creativity and culture, Mad Sounds is making the grade.

Stay tuned for our post later this week on tips to balance magazine publishing with a full-time job!

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