Announcing the World’s First Virtual Luxury Designer Showhouse with Augmented Reality Highlights

By Stephanie WarnerNovember 19, 2020Editorial

Announcing the World’s First Virtual Luxury Designer Showhouse and VIP Event on YouTube

We’re excited to announce the world’s first virtual and shoppable luxury designer Showhouse created by Seasonal Living Magazine and coming to Issuu on December 4, 2020. The Showhouse is built entirely and only in the virtual world, including augmented reality highlights, and is available permanently on Issuu to view and explore. The Showhouse is part of a Special Edition of Seasonal Living Magazine

To celebrate, all Issuu content creators, readers and fans are invited to join the VIP Sneak Peek launch party on YouTube, on Thursday, December 3rd, at 6 pm E.T. Get complimentary access by registering at“We chose Issuu because of its digital publishing power, ease, and flexibility,” said Gary Pettitt, publisher of Seasonal Living Magazine. “As we look for new ways to market products and services in a virtual world, platforms like Issuu have become crucial to our ability to provide innovative experiences to customers in engaging, safe ways. It’s the future of how we will market our physical products online.”

Digital experiences are the future of marketing physical products

Designed from the ground up from the imagination of Seasonal Living Magazine’s publisher, Gary Pettitt, the luxury designer Showhouse is a 20,000 square foot virtual modern luxury  home located atop a 20-acre estate overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Malibu, CA. The virtual Showhouse contains hundreds of inspiring and beautiful new ideas, focused around wellness and sustainability, for everyone around the globe to enjoy and explore from the safety and comfort of their homes. 

To tour the house, you will enter by clicking, using your laptop, tablet or mobile. Enjoy a 3D walk through experience, with interactive product discovery and don’t miss the opportunity to purchase certain products via shopping links in the virtual Showhouse. Experience every room from every angle – and even try out some of the products in your homes by clicking open the white product discovery dots and looking for the augmented reality QR codes to be found on 50 of the featured products!

To experience the Showhouse, visitors can log onto Seasonal Living Magazine’s Issuu channel at  

Issuu offers an innovative and interactive platform to engage your audience

“We’re pleased that Seasonal Living Magazine chose Issuu to publish their breakthrough Showhouse,” said Joe Hyrkin, CEO of Issuu. “In the world of remote marketing and the rise of virtual experiences, many companies are choosing to inspire, inform, and engage with customers using rich interactive publishing via Issuu.”

Over the course of this year and while adjusting to the pandemic environment, furniture and appliance companies, as well as interior designers are looking for safe ways to showcase their products and services. The Issuu Story Cloud empowers content creators to transform creative designs from static files into web-optimized assets for every marketing channel, including web, mobile, social, email, and more. And now Seasonal Living Magazine has upleveled interior design content with the world’s first virtual Showhouse using the Issuu Story Cloud.

Looking for even more interior design content? You can also explore the complete library of past issues of Seasonal Living Magazine on Issuu, here. Seasonal Living Magazine’s mission is to encourage people around the globe to live in harmony with the 4 seasons through inspiring images, articles and videos about all things seasonal with respect to food and recipes, design, wellness, entertaining and travel. 

Here at Issuu, we are excited to offer a digital content platform and tools that our users need to create innovative and “first-ever” experiences in their industry. Want to learn more about Issuu? Check out to discover how you, too, can transform static assets into high-quality digital campaigns.