5 Creative Ideas for Your September 2022 Content Calendar

By Sara Napier BurkhardAugust 18, 2022Content Marketing, Tips

Desk with a water color painting that says 'hello September'. Photo credit: Elena Mozhvilo

September often marks a major change of seasons. Whether the temperature is cooling down in the north or starting to heat up in the southern hemisphere, it’s when everyone starts to focus back on their goals for the remaining months of the year. Whether your audience’s September will be defined by academic endeavors or planning toward their next major family gathering, this month's content ideas are seemingly endless. 

Here are some themes to explore for an impactful September content calendar that will engage and inspire your readers and their remaining 2022 plans.

Holidays for September 2022

When planning your content for the month, always plan around special dates or events that resonate with your industry and core customers. If you're used to reading our monthly content calendar posts, you know they always include a list of holidays and other noteworthy dates. Connecting with your audience about the experiences and events they care about most is essential. While you don't always need to plan an entire campaign around a specific holiday, remember to mention it, even if it's just in a social media post or as a greeting in your marketing communications that day.  

  • World Alzheimer’s Month

  • National Wildlife Day - September 4

  • Labor Day- September 5

  • Read a Book Day - September 6

  • Higan-e - September 20-26

  • International Day of Peace - September 21

  • First day of Fall - September 22

  • International Day of Sign Languages - September 23

  • Comic Book Day - September 25

  • Rosh Hashanah - September 25-27

  • World Tourism Day - September 27

Literacy and Reading

As one of the world’s largest online content publishing platforms, it’s no surprise we’re big fans of reading around here! In September, there are a few days set aside to celebrate the love of a good book and the importance of literacy and education access around the world. September 6th is Read a Book Day, while September 8th is International Literacy Day. Both are great times to get your audience pulled into your latest publication, whether that’s a book, a magazine, or a creative newsletter. 

Are you looking for some publications to enjoy this month? Check out our curated Stack of light reads, inspiring publications, and books to top your wishlist – and then go create a stack of your own to share on your Issuu publisher page. 

Tourism and Travel

While travel plans (and the related costs) might fluctuate depending on the time of year, one thing that’s always in season is travel content. And, if you need extra encouragement, September 27th is World Tourism Day. From travel lists to hotel guides, it seems everyone has time to stop and stare at travel content. Tourism professionals know that the best content to promote at any given time is the experience itself. Social media has made it easy for people to connect with destinations they want to explore, whether that’s sometime soon or a longtime dream vacation of theirs. User engagement will always be there when the content shows off the experience effectively. 

Take some inspiration from Visit Faroe Islands and their thoughtful tourist guides, complete with a map and detailed tips for each stop.

Community and Compassion

If there’s one thing we could all use right now, it’s a compassionate community. Perhaps it’s because this month has students more engaged in school, the September equinox comes back around, or because a chain of significant holidays begins across several cultures, but September seems to have us thinking more about those around us. From International Day of Charity on the 5th to International Day of Peace on the 21st, you have a few opportunities to spotlight your company’s generosity and create meaningful calls to action for your audience.

Positivity and Wellbeing

September holidays and celebrations hit a positive streak. The 12th is National Day of Encouragement, the 13th is Positive Thinking Day, and the 21st is World Gratitude Day. While this is a great time to connect positively with your readership, professionals working in the mental health space have the opportunity to share content around the themes of these days. Whether you'd like to create a short flipbook about positive psychology methods or create an Instagram reel demonstrating how to practice a gratitude exercise, you can make a lot of fun and engaging content for your existing followers and even gain new ones. 

Happiful is a magazine that often includes actionable prompts that its readers can practice while flipping through the pages. Prompts like this have become more popular in recent years, as traditional media like magazines and newspapers try to incorporate some of the interactive experiences digital spaces readily provide. Check out this short practice that invites the reader to take a moment and look up at the sky and be present. 

You could create similar prompts through your chosen media. If you’re a mental health professional or a wellness advocate, even a simple tweet thread could be a great way to encourage your audience to connect with a mindfulness exercise. Think of ways to holistically apply these content marketing strategies, similar to how you might infuse positivity into your clients’ lives. 

Fashion and Style 

September is a big month for fashionistas, style influencers, and trendsetters across the globe. While there's no doubt that content creators in the fashion space already have their September well-planned, you don't need to be a clothing or accessories brand to create content around fashion this month. Collectively known as the “Big 4”, September’s Fashion Week takes place over several weeks in New York, London, Paris, and Milan. 

Even if your content doesn't typically cater to fashion and lifestyle audiences, don't miss an opportunity to draw attention to your offerings if you work or travel in any of those four major cities. Restaurants, retailers, and customer-facing services like beauty treatments, working spaces, and gyms are likely to see a spike in business during a time with more tourism in their neighborhood. 

With that increase in travelers in search of services comes competition, so do what you do best and stand out from the crowd. Speak directly to the Fashion Week commuters, attendees, and tourists through effective online marketing. Using targeted ads and engaging social media content can help you attract an audience looking for things to do in the area, so make sure your social media assets are in good shape. 

Now that you have some fresh ideas for September 2022 content, it’s time to get out there and share it. With Issuu’s all-in-one platform, you can create interactive flipbooks optimized for any device. 

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