4 Quick Tips: How to Publish with a Full-Time Job

By IssuuDecember 7, 2017Last updated on November 13, 2018Business

Simple Publishing Tips

Earlier this week, we featured some of our favorite publishers that are making it work both inside and outside of the publishing industry. Hopefully, that inspired you to reach for some of the dreams you may have put on the back burner for a full-time job.

As the second part to the series, here are four simple publishing tips you can use to learn how to juggle creating a publication with another pursuit.


Define Your “Free Time”Everyone deserves free time to enjoy personal activities. If you want to pursue the creation of a publication in your free time, define when you are going to create and when you are going to cool down. Create routine in the time you spend on your publication so you know when you need to focus and when you need to free yourself.

Let Your Social Media Schedule Speak For YouSocial media is a necessity for independent publishers –– but a time consuming one, at that. Make time to pre-schedule your social media so you don’t have to think about posting every day and can focus more on your publication. See some of our scheduler recommendations here.

Connect and ShareConnect your friends, acquaintances and colleagues to your magazine. If you work a different job, that’s a great opportunity to share your creation with those around you. Who knows –– they might be able to create connections you might not have had otherwise.

Take Care of Yourself

The most important part of balancing multiple avenues is taking care of yourself. The most important part of your publication is you; if you are worn down, your work will suffer for it. Stressing a deadline you’ve created? Extend it. Stuck in a creative slump? Take time for yourself to work it out. Let yourself be human while you’re being a superhuman.

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